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Return to Eden

Authored by Dean Harrison

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be in the mind of an animal, Return to Eden is a must-read! Experience big cat behavior through their eyes, through their instinct, intellect, and feelings. Discover how they use long-term survival principles to form their behavior, which are probabilities to make choices that we can learn from ourselves.

Culminating decades of research and experience, the book allows park founder Dean Harrison to tell you in his own words how he and his wife Prayeri have come to know big cats on a personal basis, where peace and harmony exist. The breathtaking stories contained within these pages reveal with striking clarity a world where animals teach us more about ourselves than we could ever imagine.

Take a safari through the world of the Creator in Return to Eden. You can pick up a signed copy at our gift shop on your next visit or buy it online today. A great gift idea!

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 “This information opened my eyes to a world I barely knew existed…”                                                                       –– Jim Evans