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Set against the backdrop of the beautiful Mingus Mountains of Camp Verde, Out of Africa Wildlife Park is nestled on over 100 acres of rolling hills and valleys. This setting is home to hundreds of exotic mammals, birds, and reptiles from all over the world. It’s the perfect place to raise the awareness of our exotic neighbors while promoting understanding through in-person contact. It truly is an awe-inspiring adventure blending family bonds with the power and cunning of the wild.

There are several ways to engage the splendor of the Wildlife Preserve, which actually encompasses all aspects of the park, from the free-roaming Serengeti to the entertainment arena and courts, even to the spacious habitats located throughout the park. Each element was designed to give you a chance to see these beautiful creatures and their natural behavior up-close. For your benefit, many of these habitats have unobstructed photo platforms, so you can photograph the animals in the purest sense – fence free.


Trams run throughout the park until 4:00 p.m. daily. Feel free to take advantage of this courtesy service, and enjoy your friendly driver narrating throughout the loop. It’s a great way to get the lay of the land, and with five separate stops along the way, there are plenty of chances to hop on or off, depending on your preference. Tram(s) are wheelchair accessible.


You can also walk the park at your leisure. Along the way, you will often observe caretakers inside various habitats, interacting and answering questions about the animals. We encourage you to ask questions to gain an understanding and awareness of many of the struggles that these beautiful creature face in today’s world. For the sake of their survival, we speak as ambassadors for those without a voice.

Groups or Private Tours

Out of Africa is delighted to welcome your group. Trams and trolleys are available for private groups of 20 or more people at special rates. Please contact Sydney Raitano at reservations for more information, scheduling, and rates at 928.567.2851 or email groups@outofafricapark.com. Whatever your special occasion, don’t miss out on this coveted opportunity.

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