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Let’s continue Kibo’s legacy – one of love, oneness, and purity. He brought the spirit of the wild to so many guests, and would want us to continue his cause as an ambassador for his species. There is a baby … Continue reading

Farewell to our friend

How do you describe a true friend? Would it be one that you wish to spend extended amounts of time with, take walks together, laugh, and generally do life together? Kibo is the friend that we are deeply saddened to … Continue reading

Farewell to Our Dear Friend: A Memorial Letter to Chalet

Photo credit: Rachael Greer A Memorial Letter to Chalet, A White Tiger May 28, 2008 – September 21, 2018 Dear Chalet, We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being with us. You demonstrated how great God’s kingdom is … Continue reading


It is with great joy we announce the birth of Kimbia, a baby lioness born to mother Kayla and father Ted on May 28th. This perfectly timed Mother’s Day gift is Kayla’s second offspring, her first being lioness Kitanga. Shortly … Continue reading

It’s Time to Meet the Next Generation

Out of Africa proudly announces the arrival of three new lion cubs – Kitanga, Jabari, and Ajabu. These latest arrivals born at the park usher in the next generation of predators to our aging family of lions, fulfilling our ongoing … Continue reading