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Founder’s Articles

Over many years the founders of Out of Africa Wildlife Park, Dean & Prayeri Harrison, have had countless adventures with the animals in their charge. For your enjoyment here are just a few of the informative stories and articles written by Dean Harrison that beautifully illustrate the many enriching experiences at Out of Africa.

The Philosophy of Tiger Splash™

“Are you ready for this? The emcee blurted! The crowd roared back, “Yes!” Two men and a woman sprinted toward the pool. Akasha, a Bengal tigress, spontaneously bolted after the closest one. As the man dove headlong into the clear water, Akasha leap into the air, mouth open…” 

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Components of Animal Behavior

“…These are the factors affecting animal behavior. They are inherited and designed, complicated yet simple. They are organized and prioritized and are as real as the laws of physics. They are the stuff life is made of.” 

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An Antelope’s Story

“Excitement waxed high as caretakers at the Out of Africa Wildlife Park near Sedona, AZ, waited eagerly for Swazi, an African sable antelope, to give birth. But there was a risk…” 

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Sula’s Story

“Sula, a lioness, was born to a Texas breeder who takes good care of his animals. She was shipped to us when she was only a couple months old. Bouncy and playful, she was full of life — a perfect friend for Malaika, who was born here at the park just two days before Sula. They “hit it off” and became close friends….” 

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Instincts: A Way of Life

“At Out of Africa Wildlife Park, one of our objectives is to seek mutual cooperation between other species and ourselves. To achieve this, we learn to identify the needs of animals by looking at life from their point of view. We must first identify these needs and then achieve them. All aspects of their life must be considered so that discontentment and frustration will not arise because we missed a necessary component…” 

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Defending Your Friend

“Java -the great Cape lion. His kind has been extinct in the wild since about the turn of the century. They lived in parts of South Africa through what’s now known as Zimbabwe. They are distinctly different from the more common African lion by the extent of their belly mane…” 

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Purpose: Who Am I?

“How does a tiger know it’s a tiger or a deer know it’s a deer? Have you ever seen a tiger eat flowers, fruits or grains or a deer attack another animal to eat it? What is it that alerts any species that it is that species? The answer is instinct. An animal’s instinct is genetically programmed…” 

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Always Wild

“The black leopard, referred to by some as a black panther, came straight at me. I was cornered with no place to maneuver, run, or hide. He was full size, about 160 pounds and very black. The look in his eyes was unmistakable — he was going to attack…” 

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Sight: The Unseen Sense

“Most animals have difficulty seeing anything that doesn’t move. For example, you’re hiking in the mountains and you come across a deer. What does it do? It freezes. It doesn’t move. Why?…” 

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Tiger Splash™: Power and Control

“The tiger charged the man through the water. As the man turned, the orange, white, and black striped predator caught him. We could see that the tiger had the man’s arm in his mouth, and it looked to all as if he was a goner. But actually, it was exactly what was supposed to happen…” 

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Do What You Say?

“The lion just wouldn’t get off me. His right elbow was pressed into my shoulder, pinning it firm to the ground. I had maneuvered my chest just enough to his right so that I could still breathe. If he was a little further forward on me, breathing would have been a thing of the past…” 

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Dean and Prayeri Harrison – Their Story

“In 1988, Dean and Prayeri Harrison founded Out of Africa Wildlife Park, a preserve born from their single-minded objective of brining God, people, and animals together in a natural setting. In 2005, the park greatly expanded its operations, moving to…” 

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