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Teacher’s Corner

Education is the gateway to awareness. The more we learn, the more we appreciate and understand the creatures of the world and the importance of having them in our future. That’s why Out of Africa Wildlife Park is all about education! We are pleased to introduce a wealth of robust classroom materials and teaching guides focusing on animals, the environment, and conservation. K-12 lesson plans are free downloadable PDFs.

These McREL standard lesson plans are easily adaptable for any classroom and designed to complement field trips, class projects, animal bios, and more. Check back often as more lesson plans are being added. A must-visit for teachers!

You will also find our MEET THE ANIMALS page to be a comprehensive animal resource, where we showcase a few members of our family.  Learn about the unique attributes of our animal friends as well as general information about the species as a whole.

Elementary School

Coming Soon!

Middle School

A Thematic Learning Guide to Lions

High School

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Field Trips