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Happy birthday Brooke and Bubbles!!  🥳

Happy birthday Brooke and Bubbles!!  🥳

🎉Raffle to celebrate our Capybaras 1st birthday🎉


Enter to win a meet and greet with our Capybara babies and a canvas painting of their footprints! Our 1yr old capybaras, Brooke and Bubbles, would love to meet you and eat right from your hand (don’t worry we’ll provide the snacks!). If you win, you will receive a 10 minute encounter that includes feeding and petting, as well as a 5×7 footprint painting made by Brooke or Bubbles.


All profits from this raffle will go towards building these girls a new habitat with a bigger pool! Capybaras are the largest rodent in the world so Brooke and Bubbles are quickly outgrowing their current enclosure and would love to have more space to swim and play!


If you would like to purchase raffle tickets please send your contribution to us through Venmo (@OAWP-2022). 

One ticket is $10 or you can get 6 tickets for a $50 donation.

Tickets can also be purchased in person at the park or over the phone by calling our gift shop during business hours (928)567-2840 ext 2000. The raffle will be open through August 30th.


Fun facts about Capybaras:

  1. They are Herbivores – they eat their vegetables (5-8 lbs a day). Remember that next time your parents tell you to finish your broccoli. 
  2. They can hold their breath underwater for up to five minutes.  Don’t try that at home. 
  3. Their front teeth never stop growing, but since they wear them down so much by eating, they never need braces. 
  4. Birds and other animals like to sit on them. It’s like having a tiny moving couch. 
  5. They are very vocal and have seven call types – whistle, cry, whine, squeal, bark, click and teeth chattering. Reminds me of my little brother. 
  6. They are fast runners, running up to 21 miles per hour. The average person runs 6-8 miles per hour, if you ever try to outrun them. 
  7. They are often kept as pets and love to be petted and cuddled. Someone should tell my cat, maybe she would be nicer to me if she knew she was replaceable by a Capybara. 
  8. They can weigh up to 150 lbs, and females tend to be larger than males. In fact, they are the world’s largest rodent, notwithstanding Mickey. 
  9. Capybaras are very popular in Japan. So popular, they have their own cartoon series. (Anime Kapibarasan, it’s very cute if you want to check it out)
  10. Uruguay features the Capybara on the 2 peso coin. That’s around 50 cents in the United States.

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