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Rescued Tiger Cubs Get New Names

Posted January 24, 2014

Out of Africa Wildlife Park® is proud to announce the names of two recently rescued tiger cubs that have now taken up permanent residence at the wildlife park in Camp Verde, AZ.

The two seven-month-old tiger cubs were discovered and seized in the Phoenix area by the Arizona Game and Fish Department shortly after Christmas. They had been kept in an apartment in Gilbert and a backyard in Phoenix after a man brought them from Texas and sold them illegally, according to Dean Harrison, one of the park’s owners. The animals are illegal to have in Arizona as pets.

The tiger brothers quickly became the talk of the town once Arizona news networks picked up the incredible story. The nameless cubs were formally introduced to park visitors over the Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend. The frolicking youngsters were featured at the Wonders of Wildlife show in the Tiger Splash™ arena where they explored their water-playground for the first time.

Once it was determined that the cubs were here to stay, the next logical step was to pick names that best represent their personalities. “The community has been so supportive of the cubs coming to Out of Africa Wildlife Park®, it only seemed appropriate that the same community should also have a role in picking names for the two cubs” said Public Relations Manager, Ashton Powell. The general public was invited to participate in a naming contest that began on January 7. Names were accepted until Thursday, Jan 23 and the response was extraordinary.

With thousands of names submitted, Out of Africa Wildlife Park® is pleased to announce the new names for the rescued tiger cubs – Gabriel for the white tiger and Journey for the orange tiger.

We would like to congratulate George Reardon of Prescott Valley, AZ, and Cassidy Noeldner of Fort Collins, CO, whose entries were chosen. They will each receive an annual family membership to the park where they can visit Gabriel, Journey, and many other exotic animals with stories of their own.

Many fine names were entered, some of which were already used for other animals both past and present. Others came with great meaning and purpose, all of which made the final selection that much more difficult.

“Thank you for sharing your love for these two beautiful creatures God has given us,” says a thankful Dean Harrison. “May they inspire us to be the best we can be, as they become the best they can be.”

Now that the cubs have received their new names, they will be enrolled in “tiger school.” An adult tiger will be selected to begin the mentoring process so they can learn proper tiger etiquette, both with other tigers and humans. This schooling will continue into adulthood.

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