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Tiger Splash

You’ve never seen anything like this before! Witness one or more Bengal tigers interacting in a predator-and-play relationship, romping and splashing in a large pool as they play with their caretakers and various colorful toys. Tiger Splash® is renowned worldwide for its unique approach to interacting with wild-by-nature tigers in an aquatic playland.

Creature Feature

Experience an interactive animal encounter that will introduce you to some of our beloved and popular animal stars. Learn fun facts and amazing animal behavior while interacting and forging lasting memories with our fun friends. With staff eager to engage you and answer your questions, the Creature Feature is an intimate and enjoyable experience.

Giant Snake Show

Take advantage of this interactive experience and opportunity to look closely. If you choose to, you can even touch and hold some of the world’s largest species, such as anacondas, pythons, and boas! Because our giant snakes are accustomed to being handled by people, you can feel comfortable that your experience will be a positive and friendly one.

Wonders of Wildlife Show

The Wonders of Wildlife Show is a rare opportunity to see a variety of unique and exotic animals from a very different perspective – enjoying their everyday lives! As our caretakers interact with the animals, you’ll see them as they live their lives and learn fascinating trivia about them. You’ll quickly discover that along with their playful side comes intelligence and cunning skill.


It’s one thing to read about the ferocity of predator animals when they assail, possess, and devour their food. It’s quite another to see it for yourself and hear the fearsome sounds that come through those menacing teeth. Don’t miss your chance to witness the power of lions, tigers, hyenas, and more at the Predator Feed, one of Out of Africa Wildlife Park’s most popular events.


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