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Animal Trivia

{1} A Gila Monster spends an average of __ of their life in their borrow.
A. 55%

B. 78%

C. 95%

{2} A Scarlet Macaw can live up to 75 years old.
True or False

{3} Arizona’s state bird is the __.
A. Road Runner

B. Cactus Wren

C. Hummingbird

D. Cardinal

{4} Lemurs are found on what island?
A. Java

B. Santa Catalina


D. Madagascar

{5} The largest land animal in the world is the _.
A. Giraffe

B. Asian Elephant

C. African Elephant

D. Rhino

{6} A lion’s roar can be heard up to __ miles away.
A. 1

B. 3

C. 5

D. 10

{7} Which exotic cat lives in more areas of the world than any other?
A. Leopard

B. Lion

C. Jaguar

D. Tiger

{8} The largest lizard in the world is the __.
A. Water Monitor

B. Common Iguana


D. Komodo Dragon

{9} Which species of deer does not have antlers?
A. Reindeer

B. Fallow Deer

C. Mule Deer

D. Musk Deer

{10} What is the fastest bird on land?
A. Road Runner

B. Emu

C. Ostrich

D. Kiwi

{11} Which animal has killed more people in Africa than any other?
A. Lion

B. Rhino

C. Leopard

D. Hippo

{12} Animals that walk on the soles of their feet with the heel touching the ground are known as Planitgrades.
True or False

{13} The largest cat in the world is the _.
A. Jaguar

B. Bobcat

C. Cougar

D. Lynx

{14} The Southern White Rhino can live up to __ years old.
A. 25

B. 30

C. 35

D. 40

E. 50

{15} Reticulating Giraffes sleep standing up.
True or False

{16} Which large cat is known as “The cat of Many Names”?
A. Cougar

B. Mountain Lion

C. Puma

D. Panther

E. All of the above

{17} A sloth can lose 1/3 of its body weight when it poops.
True or False

{18} Can tigers have the exact same stripes as another?
Yes or No

{19} The state mammal of Arizona is the __.
A. Coati

B. Ringtail

C. Coyote

D. Cougar

{20} The largest rodent in the world is the _.
A. Capybara

B. Beaver

C. Cavy

D. North American Porcupine

{21} The Spotted Hyena lives in a clan of approximately 5-80 hyenas. It has a bite-force of up to _ psi.
A. 100

B. 1,100

C. 10,000

D 10

{22} The Dromedary Camel’s hump is actually _.
A. Filled with water

B. 10 lbs of fat

C. 80 lbs of fat

D. filled with air

{23} The King Cobra can kill a human in 45 minutes with its tail.
True or False

{24} The African Porcupine can not shoot its 1″ to 13″ long __.\
A. Swords

B. Eyes

C. Spit

D. Quills

{25} A Gray Wolf’s sense of smell is __ times stronger than a human.
A. 5

B. 50

C. 100

D. 500

{26} A Sulcata Tortoise can drink up to _ of its body weight in water per day.
A. 3%

B. 15%

C. 25%

D. 30%

{27} Javelina can keep a territory between 75 and _ acres.
A. 700

B. 350

C. 125

D. 80

{28} Emu can run up to 31 MPH and have a stride of __.
A. 3′

B. 6′

C. 9′

D 12′

{29} Which creature has the ability to bite an adult crocodile in half?
A. Hippo

B. Lion

C. Tiger

D. Rhino