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American Black Bears

Mogie and Blue were rescued as young cubs after their mother was killed at the Blue Ridge Reservoir, located in Arizona.

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Black Leopard

Enoch lives with another black leopard named Silhouette, a tiger named Vista, and a lioness named Kora.

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Burmese Python

Melanie needed a home. She came to us from an owner who loved Melanie very much but had to give her up.

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Grant’s Zebra

Diligence, our iconic smiling zebra, has put plenty of smiles on guests at the Park with those big, eager teeth of his.

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Gray Wolf

Kanab was born in Kalispell, Montana. He gets his name from the scenic town of Kanab, located in southern Utah.

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Grizzly Bear

Cypress came to the Park with her sister Aspen at just 6 months of age from a taxidermist in North Carolina.

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Marmoset Monkeys

As the saying goes, “like father, like son.” Father Bently and son Jag are the dynamic duo of Marmoset Gardens.

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Ring-Tailed Lemur

Sedona has mothered all the lemurs in Lemurland. Her favorite foods are blueberries, grapes, and bananas.

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S. White Rhinoceros

Jericho arrived at the Park in 2013. He traveled more than 2,100 miles from Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida.

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Sable Antelope

Roaming the Masai Mara preserve at the Park, Nairobi has become the noble and wise patriarch of his sable family.

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Spectacled Caiman

Fisher began calling the Park home in 2002, 13 years after he was born. He is remarkably gentle.

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Spotted Hyena

The female hyena, Chipa, was born in captivity in South Africa in 2002. She came to the Park at just 4 months of age.

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