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Jericho, the Southern White Rhino

In the idyllic setting of Arizona’s Out of Africa Wildlife Park, you’ll meet a very special inhabitant who’s both a crowd-pleaser and an ambassador for

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Tiger Splash 30th Anniversary: A Roaring Success

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A Tiger having fun in Tiger Splash, one of the shows you can enjoy at the park

Tiger Splash celebrates it’s 30th Anniversary and you are invited!

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Prayeri and a Tiger sucking her thumb

Their Story In 1988, Dean and Prayeri Harrison founded Out of Africa Wildlife Park, a preserve born from their single-minded objective of bringing God, people,

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Tigers lounge on a platform at Out of Africa Safari Park

By Dean Harrison The lion just wouldn’t get off me. His right elbow was pressed into my shoulder, pinning it firm to the ground. I

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A tiger plays at Tiger Splash at Out of Africa Wildlife Park

By Dean Harrison The tiger charged the man through the water. As the man turned, the orange, white, and black striped predator caught him. We

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