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Happy birthday Brooke and Bubbles!!  🥳

Happy birthday Brooke and Bubbles!!  🥳 🎉Raffle to celebrate our Capybaras 1st birthday🎉   Enter to win a meet and greet with our Capybara babies and a canvas painting of their footprints! Our 1yr old capybaras, Brooke and Bubbles, would … Continue reading

World Tiger Day

World Tiger Day, Friday July 29th  World Tiger Day is a global celebration of the world’s tiger populations. The day was created in 2010 to increase awareness of the plight of tigers and to promote their conservation. World Tiger Day … Continue reading

Summer Hours!

  We have new summer hours everyone, along with a new summer schedule. Please note starting July 1st we’ll be open from 8:00 am till 3:30 pm to combat the summer heat. We look forward to you joining our family … Continue reading

Drive-Thru Tuesday Discontinued

Out of Africa has officially ended Drive-Thru Tuesdays. The drive-thru served its purpose during the uncertain times of COVID, helping the park continue to operate safely, keep animals well fed, staff employed, and customers happy. It wasn’t easy, and we … Continue reading


Last August, when our longtime friend Kibo, the loveable kissing giraffe, passed away, we felt a pure light had vanished from our eyes. His spirit of childlike wonder that illuminated so many had left us wanting. But we knew that … Continue reading