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Feed a Tiger

Heighten your Out of Africa experience with a close encounter of the wildest kind. When you personally feed these breathtaking Siberian or Bengal tigers, you’ll gain a new appreciation for how big these cats really are from a mere 3 feet away. Witness the power and majesty of these predators up close, in a way you never imagined possible.

Super Mog

Make your Serengeti excursion even more personalized and intimate. With this upgrade, you can expand the highlights of the African Bush Safari tour (Included with general admission) with an hour-long ride on a SuperMog* (ˈso͞opər•môg), designed to maximize your visibility and closeness to the animals. It’s also the perfect à la carte upgrade for those enjoying the $12 general admission during the month of your birthday.

Racing Raptor

The Racing Raptor features three parallel lines, meaning you can zip alongside two of your friends as you whisk overtop majestic animals. Automated braking system means no experience necessary.Add your content here.

Zipline Runs

Explore a never-before-seen side of Out of Africa Wildlife Park while zip-lining overhead. No corners have been cut to bring you a unique adventure that combines the thrill of flight with breathtaking views and majestic animals below.

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