Full Zip Line Tour



You’ve got to experience the Predator Zip line: a high-flying adventure that explores a never-before-seen side of Out of Africa Wildlife Park — one that takes you over the grandeur of the safari park as wild animals underneath you elevate your experience.

You can rest assured that this is the safest, most enjoyable, and authentic ride possible. From inception to construction, right down to the finishing touches, no corners have been cut to bring you a unique adventure that combines the thrill of flight with breathtaking views and majestic animals below.

An unparalleled adventure with no equal, this 2½-hour world-class zip-line excursion will have you soaring from tower to tower. Seven towers in total with a variety of five zip lines and a skyline rope bridge that all add up to insane fun! You’ll not only be “zipping” but learning about the animals below as your guides narrate and educate throughout your tour.

For the adrenaline junky, we have an additional ultra-long, ultra-fast triple line so you and your friends can challenge each others need-for-speed in a race to the bottom – all under the supervision of certified guides. No zip line experience necessary.

Summer special prices apply Monday through Thursday. Learn more about the Predator Zip Line and reserve your spot today!