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Hi guys, I’m Vinh!

I was born and raised in Vietnam. I moved to Southern California when I was 13, just a teenager. I am happiest when I am surrounded with animals, like Sierra the black bear. My interest in working with animals started when I read a book called “Kicked Bitten and Scratched” about the Exotic Animal Training and Management Program.

Keeper Questions

  • What's the hardest part of your job?

    I think out of everything -between picking up poop and making sure that the animals have a good diet and the health and care that they deserve, the hardest part for me personally is the customer relationship part.  You might think, how can that be hard? But for me, my first priority is ensuring the animals have the best care that we can give them.

  • What's your most memorable moment as a keeper?

    Taking the bears to the big arena! They love to swim and play. It’s definitely one of my favorite moments because we get to interact with them closely, and it’s so much fun!

  • What's the difference between a brown bear and a black bear?

    If you look at a black bear (like Sierra, at the park!) you can see that they do have some brown in their fur. But if you look closely, Sierra has a lot more black in her fur, as well as really long claws (don’t get too close!). Brown bears don’t have those claws. Black bears are excellent tree climbers, while brown bears like to dig holes!

  • Do the animals ever get sick?
     Yes, they do sadly. You have to one cool thing for us is that we actually get to help them get better and we play a direct part of their health! We make sure they have a good diet and take care of them to make sure they *don’t* get sick in the first place by staying healthy!
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If you love animals and have a question – ask! We would love to answer your questions about our animal friends and what it’s like to be a Keeper!

If you are a classroom, we would love to hear from you! Please submit your questions all on one form (attach below). List your teacher’s name, the school, the class and the town. Limit your questions to no more than TEN, and try to only ask about one animal or area of the park. IE: Mr. Smith’s 3rd Grade Class from Harrison Elementary in Denver Colorado, asking about lizards, or Jericho the Rhino, etc. We will let you know if your class is selected, and answer all your questions, in a special Keeper Korner!


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