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Meet Nairobi

Sable Antelope

Personal Info

Roaming the Masai Mara preserve at Out of Africa Wildlife Park, Nairobi has become the noble and wise patriarch of his sable family.


The sable antelope is found in the southern savanna of Africa from Southeastern Kenya, Eastern Tanzania, and Mozambique to Angola and Southern Zaire, mainly in the Miombo Woodland zone. They prefer woodlands and grasslands and avoid extensive open lands.


Sable antelope can weigh from 330 to 600 pounds. This large species ranges from 46 to 56 inches tall at the shoulder and measures 75 to 100 inches long, not counting a tail of 15 to 30 inches.

Life Cycle

Sable antelope typically live 16 years in the wild and up to 19 years in captivity.


Sable antelope graze on a variety of short grasses abundant during the growing season and survive by browsing on herbs, bushes, and trees during the hard dry season.