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Bart the Sloth’s Little Time-Out: A Message from Out of Africa Wildlife Park

Hello dear visitors and animal lovers,

Today, we have a little update on one of our beloved residents, Bart the Sloth.

For all of you who have had the pleasure of seeing Bart’s graceful moves and delightful yawns, you know how special he is to the Out of Africa family. His serene nature and slow-paced life have been a reminder to all of us about the beauty of taking things at one’s own rhythm. However, we wanted to let everyone know that Bart hasn’t been feeling his usual self recently.

Despite our best efforts to keep our animals healthy and joyful, sometimes they, like us, can feel under the weather. Our vigilant staff noticed Bart was a bit more sluggish than usual – and trust us, with a sloth, that’s saying something! Out of an abundance of caution, we’ve decided to give him a short break from his exhibit duties.

Our dedicated veterinary team is currently giving him the best care and attention he needs. We’re hopeful that with some rest, a few of his favorite treats, and the expert care he’s receiving, Bart will be back to his old self soon.

In the meantime, we kindly ask for your understanding and patience. If you’re planning a visit specifically to see Bart, you might have to wait a little while. But rest assured, there are still many wonderful animals at Out of Africa Wildlife Park eager to see you and be admired.

For those of you who’ve formed a special bond with Bart, please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. If you’d like, you can even drop a little get-well message or card at our gift shop. We’ll make sure Bart knows he’s missed and loved. You can also mail them to: 4020 North Cherry Road, Camp Verde, AZ, 86322, and we will hang them up outside his enclosure. Bart is not in his usual home, but is currently residing behind Reptile Resort, if you are looking for him. 

We promise to keep everyone updated on Bart’s progress. Let’s all hope that our favorite sloth will be hanging from his favorite tree branch and enjoying the Arizona sun very soon.

Until then, remember to slow down once in a while, appreciate the little moments, and always send out love and positivity – the Bart way!


The Out of Africa Wildlife Park Team