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Orphaned Mountain Lion Gets New Home at Out of Africa

Sedona, AZ:  An orphaned mountain lion cub rescued by Arizona Game and Fish has a new home at Out of Africa Wildlife Park in Camp Verde, Arizona, 30 minutes south of Sedona. The mountain lion cub was rescued near Sells, Arizona … Continue reading

Animal Spotlight Featuring Kibo

Our Resident Reticulated Giraffe Meet Kibo, our graceful, reticulated giraffe that you’ll see during your African Bush Safari tour. Perhaps you’ll even get a kiss from the big lug. Kibo is a tall, handsome bachelor with ancestors from Ethiopia and Northern Kenya. … Continue reading

Behind the Scenes at TIGER SPLASH

Thanks for agreeing to sit with me, we receive so many questions about Tiger Splash, we’re excited to give some behind-the-scenes knowledge to the fans. Let’s start from the beginning; how did Tiger Splash come to be? A while back … Continue reading

A day on the job at Out of Africa Park

Courtney is the Serengeti Department Manager at Out of Africa Wildlife Park. She joined the park in 2007 and applies her experience and knowledge conducting Safari Tours and leading the Serengeti staff each day. She’s personally responsible for over 95 different animals and her … Continue reading

Get Ready To Celebrate World Giraffe Day!

Did you know that a group of giraffe is called a tower? Did you know a giraffe’s heart has to generate almost double the normal blood pressure of other animals to maintain blood flow to the brain against gravity? Did you … Continue reading