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Frequently Asked Questions

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Facilities & Services

Does the park offer special birthday packages?

We regret that children’s birthday packages are not available at Out of Africa Wildlife Park. However, we do allow guests to store a birthday cake. Prior arrangements must be made to accommodate such requests. Tables are available on a first-come, first served basis. For the safety of the animals in our care, we ask that you do not bring balloons into our Park.

Did you know anyone can visit Out of Africa Wildlife Park for only $10 each visit during the month of their birthday? Simply show proof of birth date at the admissions window, and you can enjoy the day, or month, on us!

How much is parking at the park?

Parking is free. No overnight parking is permitted at the Park. Gates close shortly after 5:00pm.

Does the park have parking for RVs?

The Park has free extra-long parking access for buses and RVs. No overnight parking is permitted at the Park. Gates close shortly after 5:00pm.

Where can I get a map?

Go here to print off a map and weekly schedule of Out of Africa Wildlife Park. We are pleased to provide you with a map at the admissions window on the day of your visit if needed.

Do you have lockers available to rent?

No. However, you are welcome to exit and re-enter the Park at your leisure. Make sure you do not remove your wrist band, or you will not be permitted re-entry.

Can I bring my own stroller? Are there any stroller restrictions?

Yes, you can bring your own stroller. Safari tours will require that you store your stroller in a designated area before boarding.

Do you have baby changing stations?

Yes. For your convenience we have changing stations at the restroom facilities.

How do I see the park if I have trouble walking?

There are benches throughout the park. The Africa Bush Safari Tour vehicles are wheelchair accessible, as well as the trams that loop throughout the park. You can get off the tram, enjoy the animals and activities, and then catch the next tram to the next stop. Trams pass by stops every 20 minutes.

Do you have a Lost & Found?

Our Lost & Found is at the entrance of the Park at the admissions office. Please let our friendly staff know if you have lost or found something and we will be happy to assist you.

General Park Information

What is Out of Africa Wildlife Park?

“Call us wild, Call us crazy…Just don’t call us a zoo!”

Out of Africa Wildlife Park is an opportunity to see hundreds of wild-by-nature animals from all over the world, especially Africa. Not a zoo, not a drive-through park, it’s a place where visitors enjoy an authentic replica of a real African Bush Safari. Besides the entertaining shows and animal presentations throughout the day, all of our animals are cared for with passion and respect, roaming in spacious habitats that give you the chance to see these beautiful creatures and their natural behavior up-close. Our staff lives and works with them in a relaxed environment that encourages human/animal relationships. Out of Africa is more than a preserve. We are dedicated to raising awareness of our exotic neighbors and promoting understanding through in-person contact. Set against the backdrop of the beautiful Black Hills of Camp Verde, Out of Africa Wildlife Park truly is an awe-inspiring adventure blending family bonds with the power and cunning of the wild, year-round.

What kind of animals will I see at Out of Africa Wildlife Park?

In addition to the nearly 40 exotic big cats including lions, tigers, leopards, jaguar, and cougars, Out of Africa Wildlife Park is composed of hundreds of mammals, birds, and reptiles representing the incredible biological diversity of forests, jungles, and plains of the world, including Africa and many other continents. The experience includes a bush safari tour showcasing herd-style animals from the plains and savannas of Africa and Asia where you’ll observe free-roaming giraffes, antelopes, zebras, ostriches, water buffalo, gemsboks, elands, and many more. The preserve was designed to give the animals the ability to interact and roam about freely as they do in the wild. Some of the animals that live at the park are classified as threatened or near threatened, meaning they are in danger of being placed in the “threatened” category in the future. You will find a current Species List of all our animals here. Out of Africa offers an experience steeped in entertainment, education, and conservation, dedicated to raising an awareness of God’s creatures and promoting an understanding through in-person contact.

Are the animals trained?

Absolutely not. We don’t subject them to training and performing tricks. We encourage social behavior that brings out their natural, playful instincts.

Will I be able to touch a big cat?

The animals here retain their wild nature, and the interaction you see is the result of longstanding relationships that develop between caregivers and animals. Those relationships are based on time, learning, and mutual respect. Most of the animals enjoy watching and getting a close-up look at park visitors, and you’ll have many opportunities to see the big cats and other animals only a few feet away.

Can I pet any of the animals?

Yes, there will be plenty of opportunities to pet the more docile members of the animal kingdom at the Park. For example, on our safaris you’ll usually be able to feed and pet giraffe! The Pet-N-Feed features gentle, friendly creatures that are fun and safe to interact with. You’ll also have an opportunity to safely pet giant pythons, anacondas, and more at the Giant Snake show. There is even a good chance of touching a participating animal during the Creature Feature show, depending on animal mannerism and availability. For the animals that cannot be touched, you’ll be surprised at just how close you do get.

Are pets or service dogs allowed inside the park?

Free roaming animals and free flight birds of prey may be present at Out of Africa Wildlife Park. Furthermore, keepers are frequently in with big cats that are wild by nature. Pets or service animals can trigger instincts that pose a severe risk to our keepers. For the safety of your animals, our guests, and our staff who work with wild animals directly, we do not allow pets and service animals inside the park.

We discourage guests from bringing pets and leaving them in parked vehicles. Distressed pets will be removed from vehicles if deemed necessary for the safety of the animal.

Where is the park? How do I get there?

Out of Africa Wildlife Park in Camp Verde is located in the geographical center of Arizona, just over an hour if traveling north from the Phoenix airport, or 50 minutes if traveling south from Flagstaff. The pleasant travel up or down scenic Interstate 17 will bring you here without the congestion of the city or the gridlock of endless traffic lights. Located three miles west of I-17 on SR-260, use exit 287 to get out of the city and into the wild. Further directions can be found here for the Park.

What are the park and safari hours?

Mon – Fri: 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Sat – Sun: 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

The admission window closes at 4:00 p.m.
We are closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Where can I get a map and schedule of the wildlife park?

Go here to print off a map and weekly schedule of Out of Africa Wildlife Park. We are pleased to provide you with a map at the admissions window on the day of your visit if needed.

What is the weather like at the park?

As a general rule of thumb, temperatures at Out of Africa Wildlife Park are about 10° F cooler than the Phoenix area during summer, spring, and fall. The Park elevation is approximately 3,000 ft; a significant contrast from Flagstaff, our neighbor to the north, which is nearly 7,000 feet at its low point. Flagstaff may be just 50 miles away, but their temperatures run 15-20 degrees cooler than those at the Park. Unfortunately, the Phoenix-based local news stations tend to use Flagstaff weather as a representation of all Northern and North-Central Arizona. In other words, if it’s snowing in Flagstaff, it does not mean it’s snowing Camp Verde. In fact,  it’s very rare to receive even a dusting of snow at Out of Africa.

Our facility is open 363 days of the year. Closed only on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, the park remains open the other 363 days unless circumstances such as extremely heavy rain produce a dangerous condition to the general public. Safety is our primary concern for guests, staff, and our animals. For current weather conditions, click here.

What is the smoking policy at the park?

While smoking is prohibited throughout the Park, there are two designated outdoor smoking areas located by the Park entrance and at the upper court area near the Tiger Splash arena.

What special events are planned for this year?

Visit our events calendar for upcoming events. We add events throughout the year, so be sure to check back often.

What type of food service is available at the park?

Meals such as hamburgers, veggies burgers, chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, smoothies, soups, and salads are available from outdoor food service at the park. No outside food is allowed.

What is your policy regarding service dogs?

In accordance with Arizona Law, “A zoo or wild animal park may prohibit a service animal, including a dog guide or service dog, from any area of the zoo or wild animal park where the service animal may come in direct contact with the animals contained in the zoo or wild animal park.”

The law also states that “It is not discriminatory to exclude a service animal from a public place if one or more of the following apply:

  • The animal poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others.
  • The animal fundamentally alters the nature of the public place, goods, services, or activities provided.”

Out of Africa is a full-contact facility, where keepers interact with animals inside their enclosures. Bringing service animals near an enclosure while keepers are inside may result in serious injury. For this reason, service animals are required to remain on trams with their owners when on the preserve. Dependent on the specific situation, service dogs may be permitted to walk directly from trams to shows and back again. When at the Tiger Splash™ Arena while big cats are present, they are required to sit at the back of the stands (out of view of the big cats) and remain still throughout the show. They are not permitted to ride the safari tour where people come in direct contact with exotic animals. If possible, we recommend that patrons board their service dogs at a local kennel facility.

Can I bring food into the park?

Food and beverages cannot be brought into the Park. That includes large coolers. Guests may bring bottled water into the park. No facilities are available for food storage. Food concessions are available at the Park.

Is photography allowed in the park?

Out of Africa encourages visitors to take personal photos or still photographs while enjoying their Park visit. All images and video taken by guests and patrons are allowed free of charge, provided the images are used only for personal, noncommercial use. Video and photos must be taken from the general public viewing area, or within the boundaries as it relates to special programs, tours, engagements, etc. and must be a minimum distraction to our guests, staff, and animals.

The commercial use of photographs, video, and film, you take during your visit, future or existing, is prohibited without written consent of Out of Africa Wildlife Park. For details, see Photo & Video Policy.

Is it possible to leave the park and be re-admitted?

Yes. You may exit and re-enter the park in the same day. Make sure you do not remove your wrist band, or you will not be permitted re-entry.

How long should we plan to visit the park?

We suggest you allow 4-5 hours to experience all the Park’s adventures.

Does the park close during the winter? Is it open on holidays?

The Park is open 363 days a year. We are only closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Spring and summer are naturally high-attendance seasons, but we encourage guests to visit during fall and winter as well. When the weather cools off, many animals are more active and you’ll encounter fewer crowds.

We’ll be in the area for the weekend. Are there any other attractions near the park?

Absolutely!  We are blessed to be in a part of the state rich in beauty and generous in entertainment. Central and North Central Arizona boast everything from renowned wineries and tasting rooms to scenic train rides, river rides, jeep tours, national historic parks and monuments, casinos and so much more… all within a short drive of Out of Africa Wildlife Park. Click Area Attractions for a detailed list of things to do and see.

How should I dress?

We recommend you wear comfortable shoes and bear in mind that most pathways and driveways are compacted dirt or gravel. For your own comfort we discourage guests from wearing dress-type shoes. On sunny days, we strongly recommend you wear sunscreen. Sunscreen is available for purchase at the gift shop located at the park entrance. We also recommend wearing layers of clothes so you can properly react to temperature changes throughout the day.

Do you offer Behind-the-Scenes Tours?

Yes! You can indulge yourself in an exclusive, behind-the-scenes experience led by an expert member of our animal team. This in-depth 3 hour adventure will expose you to a side of Out of Africa not otherwise seen.

Don’t just see the animals, get to know them on a deeper level in a more personalized and interactive way. Your seasoned park guides will expound on many exciting stories, giving you a remarkable perspective of the animals, their personalities, behavior, history, and the conservation efforts to protect these marvelous creatures.

For more information, click here for our premiere VIP Experience.

Does the park offer guided group tours?

Yes. we offer guided group tours. Advanced reservations are required.

Group, family, and company tours are available 363 days a year. Out of Africa Wildlife Park is closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Additionally, guided tours are available for student field trips/educational youth groups year-round, Monday through Friday between 9:30am – 4:00pm.

Please call 928.567.2851 for details and pricing information, or see Group Sales.

My question is not on the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page. How do I get an answer?

Although we try to address as many questions as possible on our website, there may be a few we have missed. For any questions that are not on the website, please visit the Contact Us page and we will try to answer it directly.

Getting Involved

How does the park handle vendor requests?

All potential products for every area should to go through our Purchasing Department. Due to the large number of requests we receive we ask that all inquiries to our buyer’s office be made in writing. You may send a cover letter along with a prospectus or a catalog to:

Purchasing Department
Out of Africa Wildlife Product
4020 N. Cherry Rd.
Camp Verde, AZ 86322

Please understand that due to the large volume of inquiries received, this office cannot personally respond to each request. A representative of this office will respond if an inquiry shows promise.

I am a member of the press/media. Who can I contact?

We are delighted to assist qualified journalists in pursuit of feature stories and coverage of our Wildlife Preserve and Park. All media requests are handled through our Public Relations department. We require advanced notice before coming to the Park so we can ensure your time here is as efficient and productive as possible. So that we may best assist you, please click here for further information and required questionnaire.

Are there volunteer opportunities at the park?

Please click here for volunteer opportunities.


Who should I approach with donation requests?

Out of Africa Wildlife Park is a proud supporter of the community. We gladly accept requests for donations of general admission tickets as a form of sponsorship for live and silent auctions, raffles, fundraisers, etc. Out of Africa does not donate annual memberships, VIP Tours, or cash sponsorships. Though we would love to fill all the requests we receive, we are unable to do so. In order for your request to be considered promptly, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Letter must be on official letterhead of requesting organization.
  • Only charitable organizations can request donations. Please include a copy of your organization’s non-profit status.
  • No third-party requests will be approved.
  • Please include in the letter specific information about the event, including date, location, number of participants, what you are requesting, when you need it, mailing address, and a contact name and phone number.
  • Letter must arrive in our office a minimum of 45 days before the event date. Any late submission will not be reviewed.
  • An organization will be approved for only one request per year.
  • Request can be mailed or faxed, but no emails requests will be accepted.

Fax the request to 928. 567.2839 or mail to:

Public Relations – Donations
Out of Africa Wildlife Park
4020 N. Cherry Rd.
Camp Verde, AZ  86322

Responses will be made only to groups that are selected for a donation. The donation will arrive one or two weeks before the scheduled event. The maximum donation for a request is (2) two general admission tickets, adult or child.

Does the park take donations of animals or plants?

Every year, Out of Africa Wildlife Park receives many inquiries from people who would like to donate wild animals or exotic pets. In most cases we are unable to take them for a multitude of reasons. However, we are happy to review each animal situation on a case by case basis. If we cannot provide a home for the animal here at our Park, we will help direct you to local and regional facilities and wildlife centers that can possibly help. Remember that exotics must be processed through the Department of Arizona Game & Fish following specific protocols. Feel free to contact us with your information at 928.567.2842.

Plans for a pet should always include care for its entire lifespan. Remember that exotic animals almost never make good pets.

If you have plants you would like to donate, including trees, please contact us at 928.567.2842.

Can I adopt an animal?

Our Adopt an Animal Program helps us support and care for the hundreds of animal residents at Out of Africa Wildlife Park. Adopt an Animal also makes a great gift for a great cause. It’s a terrific way to learn about the animal you adopt, along with information regarding how the Park works to protect them. Yes, you can make a difference!

I want to support the park. How can I make a donation?

Click here to see the many different ways you sustain the sanctuary by getting involved or making a contribution. We are forever grateful and humbled by the continued support we receive from those who share our mission and purpose: to preserve and enrich the lives of the animals that live here and be the ambassadors to those without a voice.

Is there an employment listing for the park?

All current employment opportunities are listed on our website. Please click here to view current opportunities. There, you can print off the job application form to be completed and mailed to the park along with your résumé. If offered employment, you must be able to present proof of citizenship or legal right to work in the U.S.

How do I arrange interviews with keepers?

As you can imagine, we receive hundreds of emails from guests requesting an interview with our animal care staff. We are unable to accommodate all such requests, as this would take our animal staff away from their primary responsibilities to the animals in their care. First, check out our Meet the Animals section on our website to learn about a few of our featured honorees. Also, while visiting the park you will find many keepers in and about the habitats working with the animals. If you have questions, they will be more than happy to answer them, time permitting. Lastly, our keepers specifically make themselves available to answer your questions immediately following our shows.


Memberships & Discounts

Do I have to come to the park to buy an annual membership?

No. Annual Memberships can be purchased online or at the Park Admissions Office, whichever is most convenient for you. Visit us 363 days a year at one great price. Click here to learn about the benefits of membership. Please allow up to two weeks to receive your Annual Membership in the mail. You may visit the park as an annual member before receiving your Annual Membership Pass in the mail. Simply provide your temporary printed voucher at the admissions window and appropriate venue to receive all the membership benefits.

Can I purchase an annual membership for someone as a gift?

Absolutely! It’s easy, whether you purchase online or purchase at the park. Please allow up to two weeks to receive the Annual Membership in the mail. The recipient of the gifted annual membership may visit the park as an annual member before receiving the Annual Membership Pass in the mail. Simply provide the temporary printed voucher at the admissions window and appropriate venue to receive all the membership benefits.

What other zoos, aquariums, or safari parks can I visit with my membership?

Click for a current list of all zoos, aquariums, or safari parks that will grant a discount on admission to active Out of Africa Wildlife Park Members. You must present your Out of Africa Wildlife Park membership card and a photo ID at the participating reciprocal zoo, aquarium, or safari park to receive the benefits. Each participating zoo, aquarium, or safari park is responsible for determining their reciprocal admission policies. While we try to keep our information up to date, reciprocating institutions can change at any time. To avoid any inconvenience, we recommend calling ahead before visiting a reciprocal zoo or aquarium to confirm benefits.

Do you offer a military discount?

We are happy to offer our service men and women our military discount. The discount applies to U.S. active duty military, U.S. cadets, and veterans. Must show proper I.D. at our admission gate (DD214 or State Veterans ID card), whether ticket is purchased at the park or online. Please note that no additional discounts will apply. Family members of active and retired military can receive our military discount with proper ID, such as a DD Form 1172-1 or DD Form 1173.

Do you offer a discount for travel agents?

Travel Agents, wholesalers, and tour operators presenting a valid IATA or IATAN card with picture ID receive a 50% discount off general admission. One accompanying guest will also receive the 50% discount. All other accompanying guests will pay the full ticket price. Discount cannot be combined with any other coupon or offer.

Do you offer a AAA discount?

AAA members who show their valid AAA membership cards at ticket window will receive 20% off general admission. Valid for up to 6 people. Discount cannot be combined with any other coupon or offer. AAA discount cannot be applied online as guests will need to present their AAA cards in person.

What group discounts do you offer?

Guests who visit our Park in groups of 15 or more are eligible to receive special rates. For further information, scheduling, pricing, or to set up a site visit, please contact Group Reservations at 928.567.2851, or click here for more information.

How do I use promotion codes?

To apply a discount promotion code for online purchase, please go to the Purchase Tickets page. Once you have entered the quantity of general admission tickets (Adults, Seniors, Military and/or Children), please click “Add to Cart.” The next display will show the quantity of tickets selected and the payment due. Before selecting “Proceed to Checkout,” enter the promotion code on the lower-left side of the page. Once entered, click “Submit.” This will update your shopping cart and show the recalculated total. Highlighted in green text you will see the amount discounted. At this point you can continue shopping by clicking on “Park Tickets” to add other options, hotel, etc., or “Continue to Checkout” to complete your purchase.


Is there a gift shop for souvenirs?

Visit the Out of Africa Wildlife Park gift shop for a vast array of fascinating gifts from around the world. Click here for more information.

Is it possible to shop without paying admission?

Absolutely! Park admission is not required to enjoy our gift shop, which features an array of fascinating gifts from around the world. Our gift shop is conveniently located at the entrance of the Park, so no “Shopping Pass” is required.

Is it possible to purchase park goods online?

We do not offer gift shop merchandise online at this time. However, we do offer the foundational book, Return to Eden, authored by park co-founder Dean Harrison online. Click here to purchase an autographed copy. If you’ve ever wanted to understand big cat behavior and discover their instinct, intellect, and feelings through their eyes, this book is for you. A must read!

Does the park sell gift certificates?

Yes!  Click here to purchase a gift certificate for that someone special.

Tickets & Pricing

Do tickets have expiration dates?

Our advance-sale admission tickets may be accepted up to 6 months from the printed expiration date on the ticket voucher. After that, we offer a discount toward the purchase of current general admission tickets.

Tickets without an expiration date can be used anytime, no black-out dates or restrictions.

Please check in at the admissions window with your tickets, and they will be happy to assist you.

Can I make group ticket purchases?

Guests who visit our Park in groups of 20 or more will receive special discounts. For further information, scheduling, pricing, or to set up a site visit, please contact Group Reservations at 928.567.2851, or click here for more information.

Can my infant go on the African Bush Safari Tour?

Yes, the Africa Bush Safari is enjoyed by all ages. The African Bush Safari Tours operate throughout the day. As a courtesy to others on the tour, please exercise good judgment when bringing a small child on the vehicle.

How do “Print-at-Home Tickets” work?

Your ticket can only be scanned once at the admissions window, regardless of how many copies you have.

Print-at-Home tickets/vouchers are valid one year from the date of issue.

AAA discounts cannot be applied toward Print-at-Home tickets. These offers must be redeemed at the park’s ticket window by presenting your AAA card.

As noted in the “Terms and Conditions” on our website, all tickets purchased online are non-refundable/non-returnable. We are unable to issue exchanges or refunds after an online purchase has been made.

Your Print-at-Home delivery method allows you to print your tickets directly from your home or office computer and printer. Your tickets are emailed to you with a PDF attachment. Print the PDF attachment and bring your printed ticket voucher to the main entrance to be admitted into the Park.

Do I have to specify the date I am visiting when purchasing tickets online?

Only if you are purchasing a time and date-specific event, which only includes the Authentic Unimog Adventure Tour and the VIP Behind-the-Scenes Tour. For all other purchases, such as general admission tickets, you do not have to specify a date.

What are the admission prices for the park?

Click here for park admission prices.

Children ages 2 and under are always free.

Click here for today’s Special Offer Coupon.

What forms of payment do you accept at the ticket booth?

We accept cash, Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express at our ticket window, gift shop, and some food locations. There are no ATMs at the park.

Is there a discount during the month of my birth date?

Yes! General admission is only $10 for each visit during the month of your birthday! Simply show a form of picture ID at the admissions window, like a driver’s license. For children too young to carry ID, a copy of a birth certificate will do!