Educate & Conserve


Conservation is an integral component of Out of Africa Wildlife Park’s ongoing mission to preserve, protect, and provide for the animals, both in our care and abroad.

Animal Rescue

Out of Africa Wildlife Park is home to many animals that have been rescued from a desperate and hopeless fate.

Donate a Toy

Our animal keepers have created a wish list of items to buy or contribute to the park to help enhance the lives of our animal friends and support our mission and purpose.

Field Trips

A field trip “Safari” is not just a lot of fun, but an outdoor learning laboratory that will complement your class lessons in many ways.

Teacher's Corner

K-12 lesson plans easily adaptable for any classroom, and designed to complement field trips, class projects, animal bios, and more.

Founder's Articles

Enjoy a few of the informative stories and articles written by Park Founder Dean Harrison that beautifully illustrate the many enriching experiences of Out of Africa.

Fun Zone

Online games, coloring maps, and activities are fun and educational ways to bring out your inner adventurer while learning about the animal world.

Buy the Book

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be in the mind of an animal, Return to Eden is a must-read! Experience big cat behavior through their eyes, their instinct, intellect, and feelings.