Brenda B

“We did the drive thu today and it was great! The zebra totally photo bombed our pic!”     Bagdad, AZ – April 2020

Jesus Castro

“My family and I visited the park today. Due to the Corona Virus the park was drive through only. I have to say that this was an amazing experience. The staff was all amazing and very informative. This was our best visit to the park. This experience made us forget about what else was going on in the world and we got lost in the animals, so much so that we forgot that restaurants were closed and made plans to go sit down at a restaurant after. Just wanted to say that you very much for an amazing experience!!”     Casa Grande, AZ – April 2020

Libby and Andy Hustler

“We have been to Out of Africa three times, twice by ourselves, we went on a private tour with Dean. The second time we brought the grand daughters from WA State. One word for OOA – “AMAZING”. Dean is full of information & was so patient with me as I hate snakes. I learned so much from him. When the grand kids came, Dean had them holding big snakes and somehow I got roped into holding a snake. The care of the animals are outstanding, the staff are caring & so knowledgeable about the cats and all the other animals. We look forward to another visit with Dean & all the animals. Be sure & buy Deans book.”     Mesa, AZ – March 2020

Morgan Morris

“Just went for a trip to see Arizona at its finest.”     Pueblo, CO – March 2020

Valerie Rodriguez

“Loved going to this zoo for the first time. I got some beautiful shots of Ted and his wife, and more!! Thank you to the owners for being within the crowd and being a part of each show.”     Phoenix, AZ – March 2020


“Had a wonderful time. Animals seem to be treated very well and are loved by the staff. Absolutely worth the money. Thanks.”     Winnipeg, Canada – March 2020


“What an experience! We had the best tour guide – Nina. She was a doll and it’s incredible how she treats those tigers like they are kitties :). She took her time to let us feed the animals and was patient with all our questions. The VIP was well worth it. We recommend this place 100%.”     Naples, FL – February 2020

Robert Pearson

“Fantastic staff with great dedication to the animals and the facility. Really make it interesting and fun.”     Grand Rapids, MI – February 2020

Anita Hubbard

“My husband Richard and I were at your park on January 24th from Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada. We took the Behind-the-Scenes Tour. We had a wonderful day with our guide Mirelle. She was full of knowledge about the park and the animals. You could tell she really enjoyed her job. As a photographer and digital artist, I was amazed at how beautiful and well cared the animals were. I took a lot of great photos and want to share a couple I have created from my experience.”     Ontario, Canada – February 2020




“Going to Out of Africa during my birth month is a much-anticipated event and this year I got to go twice! Once I even got to enjoy the Park by myself, at my pace. Bow wow what fun I had! Being able to spend long spans of undisturbed time communing with the wolves was a real treat. The weather was perfect, the Tiger Splash show was the best and I finally had the courage at 55 to offer the Giraffe his piece of celery from between my teeth! Thank you for a wonderful day.”     Camp Verde, AZ – October 2019

Walter & Chonghee Seymour

“We had a fabulous adventure touring the park! Two of our highlights included the hour-long SuperMog Adventure Tour, led by a most knowledgable guide, Mike. The Tiger Splash was very entertaining and enjoyed by all ages. It was a beautiful day learning how the staff here truly care for and love each animal. It is a grand undertaking and we encourage folks to visit and/or donate to help fund this important organization.”     Elkridge, MD – October 2019

Steven Clevidence

“Recently, I was a participant in a photography workshop at Out of Africa Wildlife Park. Jeff and the Out of Africa staff and owners were absolutely the best and went out of their way to make certain our wildlife photography experience was both productive as well as informative. I can’t thank you all enough and look forward to returning in the future.”     Stevensville, MT – October 2019

Kris & Tito Cunningham

“Best Experience!!! We did the VIP Tour today and it was phenomenal! I HIGHLY recommend it!!! The interaction between the staff and animals is quite impressive. You can see how much they love their jobs and the animals. Not only was it exciting and fun but was also very educational. Brittany was the BEST tour guide ever!! I believe our experience was so great because of her! Thank you, Britt, for your positive attitude, fun personality, knowledge and for giving us an experience we will never forget!”  -Kris & Tito     Glendale, AZ – October 2019

Andrew Marconi

“We had Mike as our Expedition Passport/Supermog tour guide and he was amazing. Mike has a great personality and made it fun and memorable. Thank you for the great birthday experience. We will definitely be back again.”     Phoenix, AZ – October 2019

Shianne Heideman

“My boyfriend & I did the expedition pass that included the Supermog tour and much more. We had a great experience and a huge part of that was due to Mike being such a great tour guide. He made it lively and more enjoyable. He really showed his knowledge about the animals and showed that the animals are well looked after. We definitely are coming back soon.” Phoenix, AZ – October 2019


“I went for my birthday on Aug. 28th, 2019 with my boyfriend. We had the best time! He got kissed by a giraffe! My personal favorite thing was holding the snake. She was so beautiful! I didn’t want to leave her. They take care of their animals with love, fun, and compassion!”     Phoenix, AZ – August 2019

Abby Bildner

“My husband and I came to zipline for our 10th wedding anniversary. We had an amazing experience! The staff was so nice and accommodating. I would definitely recommend this experience for the adventurous type!!”     Skokie, IL – August 2019

Robert A Bell

“My wife, the kids, and I did the annual campout on the 18th of May; this will be the 4th year we have done it, and every year it gets better. I love this park and the way they approach helping the animals. Thank you for an amazing experience and see you next year!!!”     Lake Havasu City, AZ – May 2019

Brenda F

“My husband and I visited Out of Africa on April 27th. Dean led our VIP tour. It’s amazing the knowledge he has, and the gift he has with the animals. He knows all of them by name, and they come running when they hear his voice.
His staff is fantastic and always around to help. If we are ever in this area again, we will most definitely be returning. Well worth the price for the VIP tour, you get to be with and around most all of the animals and feed them.
Thank you Out of Africa for a wonderful experience.”     Parker, CO – April 2019

Terry Wetzel

“Really enjoyed the professional and kind attitudes. Here are some of the pictures I thought were the things were fun to see and do.”     Black River Falls, WI – April 2019

Jesse Ciletti

“The best experience with the safari!!! So cool! I’m planning a trip to Africa to go on safari but feel like this was a close second!”     Stonington, CT – April 2019

Colette LaFrancis

“We are from out of town staying in Phoenix. We decided to rent a car and drive out to park to see the wildlife up close and personal. It was such an awesome experience. Feeding the giraffe was a real treat. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable.”      Plainfield, IL – April 2019

Kim Galluzzo

“I have to say this is one of the Best Places I’ve ever been to see animals such as these. They have it set up like they are living in there natural environments. I spent the whole day from open too close, by myself and never had a dull moment. The staff was friendly and informative. It’s a must see!

I can’t wait to visit again and again.

Timberlake, NC – April 2019

Shawna Caron

“My husband and I brought our youth group to this marvelous place. It was truly a blessing for us, and we will surely share our experience with others. When we returned to our room, we asked everyone what their favorite part was. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed Jeff’s humor on the Mog tour. Some liked the funny little monkey who seemed to have a personality as he picked through his food and threw out things he didn’t want! Some liked the bears and others were excited to be so close to a giraffe! We were also so sad to hear that many of these wonderful creatures were on their way to extinction.”     Fort Mojave, AZ – March 2019

Jodi Rehm

“We had a wonderful time at the park today. The SuperMog ride was a highlight as well as our experience with Bart the sloth. Thank you for all that you do for the animals and allowing us to take a front row seat to their lives and what we can do to protect them. All of the staff was so friendly and willing to answer any and all questions.”     Avon, IN – March 2019

Thomas Dargan

“This is a terrific experience with the highlight being an Encounter with the park’s adorable two-toed sloth, Bart (on Wednesday, 3/20/19)!  Park staff were uniformly very friendly & knowledgeable, especially the staff who supervised the Sloth Encounter and the staff who drove the Safari vehicle.  The Gift Shop was amazing with a great selection of Park memorabilia.  Gift Shop staff (Cam & Barb) were exceptionally friendly, helpful & welcoming!  We will definitely be back!”     Mesa, AZ – March 2019

Christy J

“We visited for my daughters 7bday. We had a great time and created a YouTube video of our adventures.”     Unknown – March 2019

Cameil Kimble

“On Saturday I was able to visit the wildlife park. I took this Gorgeous picture of Ted. One of the staff had just moved him to another area away from the females, Lady and Kayla.
Definitely enjoyed my visit!     Apache Junction, AZ – March 2019


“I was there on a group trip with Glencroft residents and staff. I was their driver. I was so amazed by the animals, an how close you got to the animals. There’s a lot to see; you will be amazed. I loved the Tiger Splash and the big bus tour through the habitat. The staff driving the bus stop and explain about the animals. All the staff is amazing, does a great job and is very professional. I loved my time there. So will you. That place gets a 100!! GREAT PLACE TO GO WITH A FAMILY GROUP OR WONDERFUL FRIENDS.”     Glendale, AZ – March 2019

Chris Dohrwardt

“Terrific! The staff was very friendly. Purchasing our admission we were advised on what to do based on the time we arrived to make the most of our experience. SUPER HELPFUL! Every staff member we encountered engaged us, helping us make sure we saw the neatest things, including the gentlemen in the pickup to make sure we saw the lion cubs. Watched the predator feeding and the staff was very welcoming with any questions. If you go, try and plan on going on these days (Weds, Fri, Sun). Cory, our safari guide, was awesome and knowledgable. And I got licked by a giraffe.”     Phoenix, AZ – February 2019

Jim and Loraine

“There are not enough words to describe how much we LOVE Out Of Africa (OOA)! Dean and Prayeri Harrison founded this amazing sanctuary to care for animals, and in doing so, they created a haven where you and I can bond with and connect to the animals. The people who work here are incredibly dedicated, and the animals will captivate your soul. I fell in love with Pilgrim the giraffe and my boyfriend joked that I kissed the giraffes more than him! Please support the animals by coming to OOA. You will have the experience of a lifetime! We’re coming back in May for the Campout event. Join us!”     Westminster, CA – January 2019

Alex Hearn

“Had a great time. Got my annual Kiss from Pilgrim and played hide and seek with Sage. Couldn’t think of a better way to spend my Birthday. It was my own personal Return to Eden! Great talking with you all!     Goodyear, AZ – December 2018

Danielle Christopher

“Seeing Kumba, a 10-year-old female Lion getting snacks with her big ol’ mouth open wide…Being approximately 2 feet away from Kitanga, a young female Lion–making eye contact and running alongside her. Watching Tigers at play in the water… Listening to verbalizations from Katar and Sunshine… I think it was Katar that sounded like Chewbacca when Mike was giving snacks… Hearing Sage, the Mountain Lion purr and squeak for Mike, our guide. So much more to see on another trip!! Dean, Lorraine & Mike helped make the day memorable! More to share, but no room here. Jericho, Kibo, etc.”   Tucson, AZ – December 2018

Darcy Andersen

“A friend and I came here for my bday. What a great day!! Amazing facility & the people who work there make it even better. We can’t wait to go back and bring more people with us!”      Gilbert, AZ – December 2019

Sonia Marquez

“My family and I visited the park early November, and we had an amazing experience! From the moment that we started at the admission boot to the very end of our journey. The staff is very friendly and courteous. We were thrilled with all the shows and not to mention the kids enjoy every little bit of being able to touch the snake.”     Phoenix, AZ – November 2019

Jennifer Baker

“10 years ago we visited the park, and I fell in love with Kibo. I was the only one who would give him a carrot by holding it in my mouth as he retrieved it. Grossed everyone out, but me. I loved all the animals and knew we had to come back. This time I was able to feed leaves to Pilgrim the same way! Here is my picture of Pilgrim and me! This park is amazing at second chances for these beautiful creatures! Thank you!”     Rushville, IN – October 2018

Julie Muets

“First time today! The crew was great, you could tell they all loved their job and the animals I would recommend this to everyone! I was kissed by Pilgrim the Giraffe And bought a t-Shirt to brag about it !”     Billings, MT – October 2018

Anita Wilson

“10 years ago we visited the park, and I fell in love with Kibo. I was the only one who would give him a carrot by holding it in my mouth as he retrieved it. Grossed everyone out, but me. I loved all the animals and knew we had to come back. This time I was able to feed leaves to Pilgrim the same way! Here is my picture of Pilgrim and me! This park is amazing at second chances for these beautiful creatures! Thank you!”     Rushville, IN – October 2018

Ans Taylor

“Good morning Out Of Africa team!
I had the pleasure to visit the park last fall and got to see the cougar cub Li:Bi and others. I painted a little oil portrait from my photos and thought you might enjoy it. Hope she’s doing fine!”     Prescott, AZ – September 2018

Michael Paul Majewski

“On a trip to Sedona with friends, we decided to go to Out of Africa, and are so glad we did. We got to feed a giraffe putting celery between our teeth, referred to as a kiss. We also were able to feed a camel and watch our guide give treats to lions, black bears, a grizzly bear, and white and yellow tigers. We watched tigers play with five trainers and swim with them in a pool. Afterward, we were able to feed the tigers. On our last excursion, I was able to assist on lifting a 25 ft. Anaconda out of a crate and hold it. GREAT fun. We would highly recommend.”     Dublin, OH – September 2018

Sally Norg

“We had a wonderful day in your park. The Tiger Splash show was great, and the Safari tour was splendid (Thank you, Courtney). We also enjoyed the “rydables” and my son liked the zip line.”     Lawrence, MI – August 2018

Jeff Wasserman

“Visiting from Rochester, NY. Got this great photo of my daughter feeding the giraffe.”     -August 2018


“We stopped in on our way to Tucson. We are from Indiana and driving cross country to see family. Heard about this place and had to check it out. It was amazing!! The tour guides were some of the best I’ve seen. The animals were so beautiful and going earlier in the morning we could see a lot. This group of people works extremely hard to help these animals and it shows. So worth it!! A must do while in this part of Arizona!!”     Indiana – July 2018

Lynette Gutshall

“We were at the park for my granddaughters 7th birthday. I was not only impressed with the quality of the park, but I was overwhelmed with the staff. From our safari guide, Cody, the tiger handlers, the ladies in the gift shop and the gal that gave us our tickets, they were all absolutely amazing!! Super friendly, outgoing and helpful. Special thanks to the ladies that went out to storage to find the perfect stuffed snake for my granddaughter!! You ALL are amazing”     Pensacola, FL – July 2018

Jenna Hargett

“We came yesterday straight from the airport (we flew in from Frederick, MD). We thought this park was absolutely amazing! We have the DC National Zoo near where we live, and Out Of Africa was so much better! Unfortunately, we missed the Tiger Splash Show. Maybe we’ll get the chance to come again!”     Burkittsville, MD – July 2018

Selina Rodrigues

“My family visited the park the third week of June 2018. We went to the Tiger Splash show first and were all impressed with the way the animals were treated. They were treated with great respect and not expected or trained to do tricks or perform but instead to simply showcase their natural instincts, talents, and strengths. The expanse of land allows the animals to live in a natural environment and they are well taken care of. This is not a zoo. Out of Africa is what zoos wish they could be.”     Tracy, CA – June 2018

Candida Ortiz

“I came to your Park Sunday, June 10, 2018. I met Mike who was our guide throughout the Park. We were amazed at the way that the animals responded to him and us. The animals were calm, and it was as close as you could get without going to Africa. The park is a good size with amble space between animals and humans. It was also very informative about how they are cared for, from the large cats to the giraffe, camel, bear, and Jerico the rhino.      Long Island, NY – June 2018

Kurt Beisner

“Great fun on the Predator Zipline Tour! Our guides Jasper & Joe were energetic and fun, and they were great with our 10-year-old daughter! Highly recommended!”     Arcanum, OH – June 2018

Julien Dayawon

“I had a wonderful time at Out of Africa! I snapped this great picture of people enjoying petting your animal. I thought you guys would like it.”     Chandler, AZ – June 2018

Rebecca Eaker

“We brought our 3 children to spend the day at this park, and it was fantastic!! The staff are amazing and had such great personalities. The animals are well kept, and there are so many amazing animals to enjoy up close. There are so many things to do, and the shows are so good. I couldn’t believe how many animals we got to see up close. What a great day!!”     Lawrenceville, GA – May 2018

Barbara Butterfield

“I visited on my birthday and had a delightful time. I got a great picture of Chalet and a picture of another animal named Jeff Harwell…though he’s been domesticated. And though I joke about this, he is a wonderful guy, a great ambassador and he thrives on the lives of these animals, the work that he does….and education as well. My daughter was visiting from Canada; It was the first time we had seen each other in 8 years so of course, I had to bring her to Out of Africa! Keep up the great work!”     Chandler, AZ – May 2018


“Today with my family, a group of nine we went zip lining, seven of us for the first time, two under 12. Our guide Jose was phenomenal with our group, in fact, all of the people were extremely patient. Jose took extra time and care with those of us who were a bit scared. Your group photographer is very friendly and helpful. Laura was also wonderful with our group. Luke did a great Serengeti tour. This was a great family day for us, and the family of your employees made us feel like they were a part of ours!!”     Tempe, AZ – May 2018

Jerry Bolash

“Went here with my family and I have to tell you it was awesome, very nice people and the animals are beautiful. Don’t forget to go to all the shows. They are all very good and informative. We had a blast and will be going back again, I am sure.”     Minneapolis, MN – April 2018

Rachel Lendvai

“I got a year membership for my birthday this month (March) and have been three times already and can’t wait to take my friend from Phoenix next weekend every time I go here. I love it being outdoors watching these amazing animals and how they act, not to mention how great and amazing the staff is! I cannot wait to take my cousins from Boston here this spring…can’t say enough good things about visiting out of Africa!”     Flagstaff, AZ – March 2018

Karrie H.

“My husband and I took our grandson here while he was on spring break, we had a blast!!
The Tiger Splash was so awesome to see, then we went on the tour and fed the giraffe. I KISSED THE GIRAFFE! I would recommend this park and highly encourage you to take a tour. Thank you for taking care of these otherwise lost animals.”     Oklahoma City, OK – March 2018

Joey Ball

“Today I brought my three boys. I am a single mom, and I am desperate to spend quality time with my boys that don’t involve school, sports, homework or chores. Today was full of so many wonderful experiences. We kissed the giraffe and laughed with the hyenas and desperately wanted to snuggle with a grizzly bear, watched tigers leap for their favorite toys and even pet an anaconda! We learned that love will make you take a step forward and fear will cause you to step back. I’m so thankful that today we chose to love because now we have some great memories that we got to experience together!”     Glendale, AZ – March 2018


“Absolutely LOVED our experience at Out of Africa!! Every staff member you came in contact with spoke and said hello, very happy employees! We saw many employees interacting with the animals and you could see the relationships/trust between them. Animals are close and so beautiful! The bus tour to feed the giraffes was perfect, the tour guide had the best sense of humor and loves her job! Thank You!!”     Surprise, AZ – March 2018


“First time ever touring an animal sanctuary!! 100% better than any zoo! First and foremost they are not funded by grants or state funds. Animals are in a large acreage safe habitat. Giraffes were a close encounter as we fed them with our own hands! This safari was exceptional and well worth four hours of our day!!”     Stillwater, MN – March 2018

Mike Mawdsley

“I asked Lisa our guide to show the mouth technique of feeding the giraffe as she had mentioned this when giving us the food.”     Phoenix, AZ – February 2018

Mike Epsen

“We had a great time at Out of Africa this weekend. The park really provides well for their animals.”     Scottsdale, AZ – January 2018


“We flew out here from PA. Wow! My fiance and I went zip lining, and it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. The staff was wonderfully knowledgeable about the park and the zip lining very friendly. First-time zip lining made it a wonderful experience. Thank you very much. Nando and Alex; thank you! We will definitely stop back again!”     Erie, PA – January 2018

Ellen MacNeill

“A breath of fresh air! I’ve always felt sorry for zoo animals. Not these. They are treated as beloved pets and are happy! The best part – seeing humans interacting with the animals, just like pets – playfully, lovingly, joyfully. What better way to really know the animals, and see they are our friends? Best scenes: 4 women staff playing with a baby, orphaned cougar; one staff petting a capybara and him loving it; all lions roaring at the same time; giant giraffe head inside the bus. Animals aren’t afraid of humans, so they come right up to the fences and even interact with you. So cool!”                           Prince Albert, Saskatchewan – January 2018

Elizabeth Mussallem

“My husband and mother and father in law came on New Years Day. It was a great experience zip lining over the animals! It was a perfect view of the animals! Our tour Jasper and Jose were excellent tour guides and told us all about the animals! We have zip lined several times before and this is one goes on our top 5!”               Jacksonville, FL – January 2018

Maria Q

“We had such a great time! Luke was a great tour guide, and Pilgrim was a delight to feed! Great job to the park for maintaining such a clean park.”     Bolingbrook, IL – December 2017

Heather Hintermeister

“We had the best time ever, learned a ton about the different animals.”     Mesa, AZ – November 2017

Dameron Fooks

“My Fiancée and I can’t begin to thank Out of Africa Wildlife Park for going out of their way to create the most memorable experience in our lives!

Thank you, Barbara, for working with me on the phone to help schedule our VIP tour. After hearing your excitement and energy over the phone, I knew this was going to be an amazing experience for my Fiancée and I. You were the nicest and sweetest person once we arrived at the park/gift shop and offered the warmest welcome and conversation as we awaited our tour.

To our park guide, Jeff, WOW! We wish we could put into words just how amazing you are at what you do! Being a VIP tour, we had some initial expectations for this day, but this tour with Jeff FAR exceeded those expectations. Within the first 20 minutes of the tour, the look on my Fiancée’s face told me that this was already an experience of a lifetime! (She loves zoo’s and has been to a lot. Out of Africa is in a league of its own!) Jeff was HILARIOUS throughout the entire tour, took great pictures of us the whole time, and would even take my GoPro around some of the animals for some really awesome close-up shots. He was SUPER knowledgeable and has an unwavering passion for the animals and his career! Jeff went above & beyond to offer an experience like no other! He even let me throw a turkey into an enclosure during feeding time, once he found out the proposal was a success! (I hope this doesn’t get him in trouble). His consistent energy, passion, and charisma made this an unforgettable experience for us! Thank you, Jeff!”     Phoenix, AZ – November 2017

Cody Pavlak

“This was definitely a one of a kind experience. We have been trying to explore more of Arizona after living here for nearly 12 years, and this was by far one of the spots we had to try out. Everyone at the park was friendly and knowledgeable; we will be visiting again! Here is the Vlog we did of the trip as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAfLCVmwPYo

Phoenix, AZ – October 2017

Gina Tivis

“My family and I have visited Out of Africa several times over the past few years. We always have a blast! The shows are fun and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable. You can really tell that the animals are happy, well loved and taken care of. I have zero complaints and nothing but love for the park and the people that run it. I would highly recommended this place.”     Phoenix, AZ – October 2017

Jerrod Haack

“We came out to visit while staying in Sedona. This place is so much more than a zoo. The animals are well looked after, and the park isn’t highly marketed inside. I enjoyed the expedition tour and recommend it for first-time visitors. Our tour guide Sam was fantastic and was very knowledgeable. This was an experience that I will never forget.”
Clarksville, TN – October 2017


“Amazing! We did the VIP tour. Our tour guide Brandon was awesome. The animals are like their family, well taken care of. Friendly animals. Tiger Splash was well worth the time. We got to feed the tigers, got licked by a giraffe. Well worth every penny, returning in April 2018.”     Aurora, IL – October 2017

Colt Cruz

“I had a great day experiencing the variety of different wildlife animals. I really enjoyed the Tiger Splash show. I watched them feed the predators (bear, tigers, lion…). I even kissed a camel. Next time I will sign up for the zip line which looks like so much fun. Everyone who worked there was so nice and helpful, especially Samantha our Unimog tour guide. She has a wonderful smile and she was very knowledgeable. I will definitely visit again, hopefully soon.”     Glendale, AZ – October 2017

Tom Saluzzo

“My wife and I just enjoyed the best birthdays of our adult lives. The animals are very well cared for (I am a former large animal vet tech and farmer, trust me these people CARE about these animals). The staff was awesome. A big shout out to Jay our Unimog driver, tour guide and snake handler. Every animal has a story, and you get to hear some of it, a lot of rescued animals. The water splash show was very cool. You will be impressed by how much these big cats love to “play.” If you have any interest in animals, you will have no trouble spending a whole day at this great facility.”     Kingman, AZ – September 2017

Laci Navarro

“This place is amazing! You can get so close to the animals and the otter is adorable. The staff is so friendly and you can tell they care so much about the animals. Would definitely recommend you walk around the park to see it all. Can’t wait to go back!”     Surprise, AZ – September 2017

Jessica Rygg

“My son turned one this year, and I decided to take him and my parents here to spend his birthday somewhere fun. We both love sloths, and I have always wanted to meet one, so I was so excited to see that there was a sloth encounter we could participate in here! It was a dream come true to be able to experience an up close and personal meeting with Bart, the sloth, and his adorable and friendly mate Wilbur. We had such a blast interacting with both of them (petting, feeding snacks, pictures, learning about them, etc.) I highly recommend paying the money for this one of a kind experience.”     Phoenix, AZ – September 2017

Lisa Montoya

“What an amazing adventure! Pure good-time, family fun. Since I am a fortunate local, I love each chance to see the beauty that is. Out of Africa! Thank you to everyone who gives the public this amazing opportunity.”     Camp Verde, AZ – August 2017

Amanda Hicks

“I don’t like zoos. This was nothing like that. All the animals seemed happy and they would walk up to the fences and ‘talk’ to us. The entire staff was knowledgeable and had great personalities. Everyone here was super friendly and seemed happy to be at work.”     Fair Grove, MO – June 2017

Jamie Keim

“This was an experience like no other! Talk about up close and personal with such beautiful, LARGE animals. How many people can say they’ve been licked by a full-sized giraffe? I sure can with photos to prove it!”                         Union, MO – June 2017

Ken Hammond

“Our family has visited Out of Africa 4 times since 2010. It is by far our favorite wildlife park in the western US! The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and goes out of their way to make your experience nothing less than spectacular. Thanks to the entire team for giving us so many wonderful memories! Photo taken during the Out of Africa Photo Safari in 2011.”     Rancho Santa Margarita, CA – June 2017

Mary Downs

“What a wonderful experience!”     Elk Grove, CA – May 2017

Allison Zamiska

“We visited Out of Africa for the first time. We took the Unimog tour with Mike and he is absolutely excellent. He is wonderfully charming and friendly, super knowledgeable and funny. We highly recommend this tour, it is an in-depth and close-up experience of many animals, well worth the extra money.

Don’t miss the Tiger Splash! It’s a one-of-a-kind insight of tiger’s acting within their natural instincts. The picture is of Akasha clearly leaping over the heads of her two prey. Yes, they call the keepers prey. You have to see for yourself!”     Rimrock, AZ – May 2017

Nicole James

“Such a fun experience! We got to feed giraffes and even get kisses from them. The staff are very professional and super friendly. We loved every second of coming here.” Mesa, AZ – April 2017

Tom Winter

“I spent the Easter weekend with my grandkids in Phoenix, AZ on Saturday. We had to go to the park. What a wonderful experience! Cruise and Easton loved the snake show. Three days later at home they recreated the snake show for their mother. These are two kids who did it totally on their own, no coaxing from anyone.”     Suwanee, GA – April 2017

Daryl Weisnner

“A beautiful day with the kids and grand kids visiting from Orange County, CA. Some great photo ops as well. I would recommend a visit to anyone for sure. Next time we will do the zip line.”     Prescott Valley, AZ – April 2017

Tim Estep

“Totally enjoyed the entire day!! Well worth it, can’t wait to get back there!!!”     Azusa, CA – March 2017


“What an awesome place to share with family. So close to Phoenix and Flagstaff! The animals at this wildlife park are amazing. So well cared for and fascinating. Loved, loved our day trip to this park. The staff here is caring and they have a real love and passion for all these animals. Our Unimog Driver was amazing! She rocks this place and knew all the animals by name and had us feed the giraffes. We also visited Bart the sloth and his bashful buddy Wilbur. An unforgettable family memory. So thankful for the dedication of the ones who help make this park be all it can be.”     Chandler, AZ – March 2017

Pamela Miracle-Freitag

“Our grandkids came to Mesa AZ from Arkansas for spring break. We have been to many zoos throughout the U.S., hence, we went to Out of Africa. It’s not a zoo, so do not expect one. No cages, but so much room for these animals to roam in their natural habitat. Most are rescued. We took the UniMog tour. Our guide was Jeff and if I ever make it back I will ask for him. So funny and knowledgeable. Then the kids went on the Zipline. They loved it! My grandkids are 12 and 10. This trip was the highlight of their vacation, and we took them everywhere. You must go to Out of Africa. An experience of a lifetime.”     Mesa, AZ – March 2017

Brad Duerr

“We had a great time at Out of Africa Wildlife Park during our family’s 2017 Spring Break. I thought y’all would like this shot of my daughter Sadie ‘Kissing a Giraffe’!”     The Woodlands, TX – March 2017

Becky Buesseler

“My children had the greatest day ever! I just wanted to share this picture of my son, Jacob, meeting a giraffe.”     Anchorage, AK – March 2017


“I really felt like I was in Africa here. All the animals were out. They are so well cared for and love to play with the staff. We got to feed the tiger, hold the huge python, and watch the most amazing show ever—the tigers—playing, running, and jumping into the water. Amazing!”     Show Low, AZ – March 2017

Wayne and Fran Karanovich

“From the moment we arrived the staff was warm, friendly, and accommodating. Our VIP experience was worth every penny! Our VIP guide, Brittney, is a caring young lady with a passion for all animals. My husband has several physical limitations. The gift shop personnel and Brittney went above and beyond expectations to include him in all features of the park! The habitats are built and maintained in the interests of the animals who live there. Brittany made every stop educational and an “up close and personal” experience with the animals. Thank you for the memories. We’ll be back!”   Maryville, IL – March 2017

Patti LeVan

“This is truly an awe inspiring park. I was there on feeding day so the animals were very active and vocal. I’ve been to many zoos and have never seen so much activity. Now I’m a fan of parks rather than zoos. You can see the bond between the staff and the animals. It was amazing, informative, and I couldn’t have picked a better day to be there.”     Bradenton, FL – March 2017

Marla Woods

“Spent the day here today! Absolutely wonderful! Sooooo much nicer for the animals than a zoo. Employees very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly! Well worth the trip! We are already planning our next visit! We got up close and personal and learned a lot we didnt know. Fed giraffes too! Animals very well cared for and have room to move around. Very exciting day! Go go go…you will not be disappointed!”                Phoenix, AZ – February 2017

Stephen Hambor

“My In-Laws and I came on Saturday 2/11. We had a great time. I posted reviews on FB and Trip-Advisor sharing our great experience. We came to stay in Sedona, but your park was the definite highlight of the trip. You get really close to the animals, who are visible, active, and engaged. The shows are fun and fantastic. We even fed a tiger. Lots of pictures and great memories. The Unimog is a MUST DO, as well as any upgrades. The animals are well cared for. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, and even the owners were hands on (I recognized them from the website). I’m so glad we went. It was fun right from the start.”     Cottonwood Heights, UT – February 2017


“We had a great time at Out of Africa yesterday for Karen’s birthday. Also got a great T-Shirt in the gift shop!”     Camp Verde, AZ – January 2017

Karen Holliday

“Two weeks ago my boyfriend and I toured the park and we’re happy to see such large enclosures for the animals. We were also happy to see the condition of the animals which all looked very healthy. The site seems well run. We thoroughly enjoyed the Racing Raptor zip line and had a ball.”     Scottsdale, AZ – January 2017

Gabrielle F.

“Out of Africa is absolutely worth the day drive from Phoenix! What an amazing experience for our kids, nieces and nephews. Our very own biologist brought us up to see the animals and we were not disappointed. Thank you so much to the staff of the zoo because your obvious love for the animals and love of what you do is a large part of the experience, and that makes it even more special. We now have a most memorable end to 2016!”                       Redondo Beach, CA – December 2016

“Fantastic place! My friend Linda and I visited in November and were absolutely amazed at the size, cleanliness and naturalness of the habitats; also, the animals appeared to be in *excellent* health and seemed to have a good relationship with their handlers. I was seriously impressed– they looked healthy, happy and lacked the stressed-out appearance that so many zoo critters have. We had a blast! I was kissed by a giraffe (not an experience I was expecting), I petted an enormous and remarkably beautiful snake named Mosaic and had a great time. Worth a whole day’s visit!”     Tucson, AZ – November 2016


Adam O'Brien

“Hey! I visited the park this past week. I had an AMAZING TIME. Outstanding! I made a little video of us coming to and while in the park. It’s a daily blog featuring footage of the park. It can be seen here:” https://youtu.be/E-W2c7dDlsk     Alberta, Canada – November 2016

Suzanne Lockhart

“Jeff & I spent the day today at Out of Africa. I’ve never been more excited! We had no idea just how wonderful the VIP tour would be. We had the best tour guide Dean. He not only has a world of knowledge and experience with these animals, but he’s truly a gentle soul with them too. They know him and they deeply love him. The interactions we had were over the top! UNBELIEVABLE!!! Do yourself a favor. Spend the extra $ and have the experience of a lifetime. Thank you Dean! Lunch was wonderful and they treated us like family. We will be back. Thank you all for what you do!!!”             Dardenne Prairie, MO – October 2016

Hugo Guerrero

“It was an amazing experience. My wife and two daughters loved it. Even though we didn’t get to do the tour, it was still more than we expected. We will be returning. I highly recommend others to visit. Tiger splash is the best. Keep up the good work at the zoo. We shall see you soon.”     Eloy, AZ – October 2016

Mike Carchia

“Mary and I were visiting Sedona for a week and we saw an add on TV for Out of Africa. We like visiting zoos so we took a ride and went into the zoo. We have visited a few zoos and when we got through we said to each other that this was the best experience of all the zoos we had visited. The tour was excellent and we got so close to the animals. Feeding the giraffe was terrific and I loved the white tigers the best. All of the animals seemed to be well fed with plenty of space to roam and live. We loved the place and would go back in a heartbeat. However, we live in New Hampshire.”     Raymond, NH – September 2016

Bonnie Marinaccio

“Came to visit Sedona from Boston, Massachusetts. Totally different world in Sedona. Went to Out of Africa and had a blast. It was an amazing trip. Each animal has their own personality and every tour guide was amazingly fun, entertaining and informative. Thank you for sharing and caring for these animals so well.”     Woburn, MA – September 2016

Darci Espinoza

“We spent the day at Out of Africa with a client and dear friend and both had a wonderful experience!!! I’d like to thank the wonderful staff who made it a memorable day! Much respect for the work that you do.”     Flagstaff, AZ – September 2016

Daniel Peabody

“Our entire day was great. It was amazing to have them take special attention with my 6-year-old nephew (the birthday boy), his sister, and their terrified-by-snakes mother later at the Giant Snake show. This was our second visit and it gets better each time. The knowledge and eagerness to answer any and all questions by the staff is commendable.”     Litchfield Park, AZ – September 2016

Melanie Semple

“We went on the VIP tour yesterday – it was phenomenal!! There were 7 of us so it wasn’t cheap but we decided to splurge…I am so glad we did! You won’t get this experience anywhere else. Dan was our guide; so knowledgeable and truly loved the animals (the feeling was mutual). We learned so much and the extras that you get are worth the money. It includes a very in-depth tour, behind the scenes 1:1 time with a rhino, lunch that includes a private showing by staff of birds and reptiles, topped off by VIP seats at the Tiger Splash show and first in line to feed Chalet (the white Bengal tiger).”     Carver, MA – August 2016

V White

“Our visit to Out of Africa was wonderful. Every aspect of the park exceeded our expectations. The staff is exceptional! Everyone from the nice woman at the ticket booth, to the guides, to the shuttle drivers, and the zip line guys, was so helpful and friendly! The park is well organized so it was easy to catch all of the shows and it was very helpful that the staff let us know what was scheduled next so we didn’t miss anything. Overall a great experience!! Two standouts: The zip line was incredible!! And, its hard to beat feeding a giraffe with a cookie between your teeth!”                       Centerville, UT – August 2016

Ele Snyder

“We had a great time and especially loved feeding the giraffe. We were amazed at how many animals there were. The website gave the impression there was one or two of a few kinds of animals. Such a nice surprise met us there!”     Ontario, CA – July 2016

Jennifer McCarthy

“Out of Africa is the most amazing animal park I have ever been to!!! It is my #1 favorite place to go. We’ve been going for years and I’m still in awe every time. I experienced the thrill of my life – having the lion leave his pride when I called his name, walk over to the fence, and talk to me in his lion roars.  The staff is very entertaining and knowledgeable, which adds to the wonderful experience.”   Scottsdale, AZ – April 2013

Tammy Clermont

“I’m not sure how to sum up this park. This was unbelievable, the people were extraordinary, fun, happy and very helpful! The animals are well taken care of and the shows are excellent. Every person who works there has vast knowledge of the animals. This is a must do when your in the area. The transportation around the park is fantastic, you only have to wait a short time or you can walk. Do not forget to stop in the gift shop, it’s well worth it. I actually cannot believe the entrance fee was so reasonable. Kudos to the owners for what you do for these animals!”     Bayville, NJ – July 2016

Amber Flynn

“Awesome place to visit! The caretakers clearly love their jobs…their love and respect for the animals was evident by all. We happened to get caught in the midst of a pretty wicked monsoon during our visit. Despite wild winds and pouring rain, the tiger caregivers/trainers gave all an amazing “show*”! (*I said show but these are not trained animals…this was more of a delightful opportunity to watch them play in a natural manner) Completely awesome!”     Novi, MI – July 2016


“We recently spent the day at Out of Africa in Camp Verde. It was a very hot day with two small children and two 80-year-old parents. The staff was amazing and very helpful from the minute we arrived. At the end of the day the ladies in the office and gift shop noticed the babies and grandparents looked overheated. They came to us with water and ice and attended to us without having to ask. We so appreciate their kindness. I wish I could thank them each by name, but I will send a quick shout out to Cam who helped us at the ticket window.”      Cave Creek, AZ – July 2016

Beth Pereira

“We had a great time on the Zip Lines! Alex and Fernando were our guides and they were very entertaining and helpful. Alex was able to get my 11-year-old off to a great start when he was a little hesitant on the first zip. They both had a great time! We have done a zip line near our home that was 15 minutes of training and then you are on your own through the lines, so this was MUCH BETTER! Alex and Fernando gave me confidence to enjoy the zips instead of worrying about my boys being hooked up correctly. On the last zip I went right over a giraffe!”                                 Tacoma, WA – June 2016

Marcie Goodman

“After a full day of visiting with all the wonderful animals, and great interaction with the staff, we topped it off with an awesome zip line ride! What a great way to spend a Girls’ Day Out!”     Cherry Valley, CA – June 2016

Jannine Wilmoth

“Today was my first, but definitely not last, visit to the park. I enjoyed walking by myself, taking pictures of the animals. In the afternoon, Erin was the tour guide on the Unimog Adventure. Her knowledge of the animals and the care and respect she showed each animal is why Out of Africa is such a remarkable place to visit. I learned something new about all the animals I saw and I took some of the best photos ever. Thank you for a tremendous experience!”     Glendale, AZ – May 2016

Tina Brea

“We had an amazing time today! This is one of three of my favorite pictures I took today. I hope to get back up again soon.”     Phoenix, AZ – May 2016

Dave Miller

“WOW WOW WOW is all I can say! My wife and I took our 2 boys on the VIP tour and we were lucky enough to have Dean as our guide. How lucky can you be to have the owner take you on a tour of his passion and love. We were able to feed many animals, even pet a sloth and porcupine…beautiful animals just inches away from us. I will never have another “zoo-type” experience as GREAT as this one! I guarantee that the whole family will be talking about this for years to come. Thank you Out of Africa and a special thanks to Dean.”     Glendale, AZ – April 2016

Patty Stillman

“Every time we have someone come from out of state we take them to see Out of Africa. Over the years we have bottle fed and played with some of the animals and of course carried out a snake. These are all memories that we will never forget. Now I have again brought my nephew to feed the Tigers. Thank you for your wonderful park and memories that will stay with us forever.”     Phoenix, AZ – April 2016

Gina Stillman

“My family and I try to visit this place every time we are in Arizona visiting family. We are from the East Coast. We love it here! We were there yesterday and my son was able to feed a giraffe and a tiger!! We were able to see some beautiful wild animals up close. Best place! Great job with this park! We will be back!”     Westerly, RI – April 2016

Thomas Larson

“Not only were the animals INCREDIBLE, but Dean – the park owner – made the experience one of a kind. He showed us the animals in ways I was not expecting. The park is amazing! The animals are treated as family and not exhibits. Which is why this is the only “zoo” I am proud to have visited and payed money for. My visit was outstanding. I cannot get over the rhino, Jericho, by the way!”                               Peoria, AZ – April 2016

Marcie Goodman

“I kissed a giraffe…
And I liked it!”     Cherry Valley, CA – April 2016

Judy Bronger

“Visited your park on March 24th and had a great day! I would highly recommend taking the Unimog tour. Our guide was Erin, and she was exceptional. Her knowledge about the animals was very informative, plus she has a great personality that made it a lot of fun. The best part for me was kissing the giraffe, after all, he was tall, dark, and handsome. Everything we did from the snake show to Tiger Splash was great. If you’re an animal lover, or even if you’re not, this is a must-see park!”     Carol Stream, IL – March 2016

Ralph and Alicia Galietti

“Let me start by saying this was the last part of our journey on our vacation this week from Florida. We thought it was going to be a quick 2-hour, typical zoo tour and boy were we wrong! We were there from open to close and forgot about the Grand Canyon. We are such animal lovers and have a little zoo of our own. By the time we finished our last tour we each had a tear that we had to leave because we truly felt a part of the animals and staff. I made a joke to Alicia and said I’m ready to retire from Florida and we can both go to work at Out of Africa! She said, ‘Lets go!’ All we can say is wow!”     Port Charlotte, FL – March 2016

Phillip Lumsden

“Awesome experience. Jeff, our Unimog tour guide, was very accommodating for my blind/autistic teenager. He went out of his way to find tactile objects for my son. He was knowledgable about the animals. It was apparent he was very passionate about his job. I’ve never been to a park that gave us such an up close and personal touch. I highly recommend everyone to experience what this park has to offer.”     Rising Star, TX – March 2016


“This was a great experience! These animals are well nourished and cared for. They are kind and look like they enjoy the company of people. I had tons of fun when I went here. I would love to go back soon!”☺      Navajo, New Mexico – March 2016

Susan Reid

“The tour guide Courtney was awesome. She was funny, intelligent, informative and always aware of safety. Great with kids. The tour was so much fun. What a valuable employee!”     Streamwood, IL – February 2016

Kathy Davis

“We took the tour into the preserve. It was wonderful to get a close view of the animals and some information about each of the  species. Our tour guide was fantastic and fun! As an amateur photographer I was able to get some great shots of the animals.”    Lexington, KY – February 2016


“We decided to go here as a last minute decision. Best last minute decision ever! The staff is wonderful, very inviting, helpful and kind. The animals are beautiful and very entertaining and it’s great to see the interaction with people. I truly enjoyed the shows and watching my three children’s faces light up with each opportunity. Feeding the giraffes was a treat! I will definitely go back again. You want to give a full day to this place. Lots of fun!!!”                                     Joseph City, AZ – February 2016

Julie Williams

“This zoo, in particular is our ABSOLUTE favorite! Everyone on the staff is friendly and you can honestly tell they care about the animals. We come here at least twice a year if not more…our zoo dates. On one particular zoo date, in September 2014, my now husband proposed to me in front of the reptile exhibit, next to a  couple adorable black leopards (who my husband was fighting against for my attention). What a perfect setting! Thank you to the staff and owners for giving us a great opportunity to see and learn about the beautiful animals and enjoy our zoo dates!”    Apache Junction, AZ – January 2016

Angela Rice

“We had such an amazing day at Out of Africa today! We have been here once before and absolutely loved it. We had 3 different zoos to choose from and Out of Africa was our first choice. When you go to other zoos you don’t get the same experience. The caretakers don’t interact that much with the animals and you don’t feel the love that you feel here. When I leave Out of Africa I have four things in mind: (1) Gosh, that was an amazing day! (2) That is my dream job! (3) I am happy that those animals are properly taken care of and loved so much. (4) Can’t wait to go back!” Surprise, AZ – January 2016


Jamie Gronewold

“We had an awesome time today doing the zip line experience. So much fun. Guides Max and Alex were great. Their knowledge about the animals made the experience that much better. Great job! Thanks you guys!”     Peoria, AZ – January 2016

Sarah Goshert

“I visited Out of Africa Wildlife Park while visiting extended family in Arizona about a year ago. It was absolutely amazing! We went on the safari tour and our tour guide was awesome! I believe she was a manager and she was super knowledgeable!! The tour was great itself, but she made it even better! In fact, I recently went to Disney’s Animal Kingdom and went on their safari tour, and I would honestly rank the one at Out of Africa way above it!! The experience of feeding the giraffes, and feeding the tigers later on at the park, was something I’ll never forget. I will definitely be returning!”     Warsaw, IN – December 2015

Kaleigh Gardner

“We spent a day at Out of Africa and it was amazing. We got an upclose experience with animals like never before. The area was beautiful and they take very good care of their animals. The Lions and tigers and similar big cats are well feed and groomed. The giraffes were so precious, and one even ate out of my hand.

I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. Definitely go if you are in the area. You will never enjoy Zoos again. This is much, much better!”     Kingston, TN – November 2015

Mike and Penny

We had an awesome time! We were so impressed with the park. The staff is so friendly and the park is kept very clean. We went to our truck to eat lunch before Tiger Splash. My husband thought we had enough time to make it back to the event. We had like 10 minutes to get up there and I knew I could not walk that fast. We started walking and to our surprise a gentleman pulled up next to us in his park vehicle and told us to get in and he drove us up to Tiger Splash. We were so thankful for the ride because otherwise we would have missed the event. Thank you again.”   Cedaredge, Colorado – October 2015

Kimberly Walters

“We had so much fun at Out of Africa. My kids loved feeding the giraffe. We also fed a tiger. The Tiger Splash show was great, as was the bear show. The bear was so cute! We will definitely come back.”      Gilbert, AZ – October 2015

Lynette Timme

“My daughter had a school project on animals so we decided to make a family trip to Out of Africa. Being our first time we didn’t know what to expect. We were blown away with everything we saw today! Being that close to the animals is a memory we will all remember forever! It’s so hard to pic a favorite part with all that you guys offer. Thank you so much for this great family memory. We will definitely be back and will tell all our friends.”     Avondale, AZ – September 2015

Garry Webb

“The wife and I have visited the park 4-5 times now. We love it! We’re from Canada and when we have family visit we try to bring them. You go to most zoos and see a lion if you’re lucky; not here. They are up-close and seen everywhere. Feed day is the best. Cooler up there as well. We love Out of Africa!”     Canada – September 2015

Joan & Allen Spencer

“We just got back from visiting Out of Africa. It was the most amazing day, even though the temperatures were high. The staff was incredible and the animals were amazing. It didn’t matter who we talked with, they all were helpful and having a great time also. I got to kiss the giraffe and that is so memorable. You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy this place!”     Cornville, AZ – August 2015

Muschi Morga

“My husband purchased the VIP tour for our family of four. It was amazing! Dean was our guide and went above and beyond to make our experience fun, exciting, and an amazing learning adventure as well. It is obvious that this is his passion, pride, and joy. The animals are amazing – from Jericho the rhino, to the giraffes that eat right from your mouth, to the grizzly bear. I could go on and on. Even during lunch they brought animals in for us to see and learn about. Wow!”     Gilbert, AZ – May 2015

Monica Romero

“We took our grandson, Romeo, on a surprise trip to Out of Africa and he absolutely loved it! He got to feed the tiger, making memories with our family.”                  Phoenix, AZ – May 2015

Dianna Boniface

“My husband, mom, mom’s friend, and I did the VIP tour yesterday for my birthday. I wanted to say that it was a super experience and such a great gift for an animal lover. I had so much fun! Our tour guide was Meg. She was so full of information on each animal we saw. Her enthusiasm and knowledge made the experience so much more exciting. We will definitely be back! This was the first time I had ever been to Out of Africa and what a shame at that, since I am a true Phoenician. Thank you all again for the wonderful experience!”     Phoenix, AZ – May 2015

Sasha and Ken Bost

“What an absolutely AMAZING wildlife park. My husband and I visited for our Anniversary and boy, am I glad we did. We had the most amazing time. Every single animal keeper was so interactive and they seem to truly care for each and every animal. By the way, the animals appear to be VERY well taken care of. Plus, the animals seem to have the biggest personalities. You guys are doing the most amazing job at this park. Thank you for such a positive and fulfilling experience. We look forward to returning.”     Sun City, AZ – May 2015

Tiger Myers Jaquish

“Our 6th wedding anniversary. The plan was for a fun family outing. Our visit to Out of Africa was so much more than that! Dean explained how the animals operate in the subconscious and accept love as the basis of their relationships. Here’s the proof!”     Surprise, AZ – May 2015


“A friend, my son and I all have birthdays in April. We went because of your ‘get-in-free-for-your-birthday’ special. It was a great day. Al was one awesome tour guide! If you’re going, make sure to look him up. The zip line crew was also amazing. J was very cool! All staff were not only super-friendly, but very knowledgeable. People who love their job and love the animals! Thank you for the birthday gift. We will definitely be going back and taking our friends!”     Glendale, AZ – April 2015

Denver & Kathy Hoyman

“We have lived in Arizona for 22 years. We decided this past weekend to go and make it a relaxing day. Everyone was so nice and friendly, not only with the four-legged animals but the two-legged animals as well. I love the fact that we were encouraged to take the Kalahari Express to tour the area with Al after our safari trip in the lower Serengeti area. I would not change anything about the shows. We didn’t have to choose and we got to see them all.”     Apache Junction, AZ – April 2015


“I cannot thank you enough for the amazing day at Out of Africa Park! We traveled there on Spring Break with my husband, two sons, and my parents. It is never easy getting everyone to enjoy a trip, but this is one day we will never forget! I highly recommend Al’s Kalahari Express Train Tour. He is funny, engaging, creative, and loves to include everyone on his tours. He really made our day! But for Paul, my 11-year-old son, he made the whole trip amazing. Paul became Al’s co-pilot that day and we will never forget how special Paul felt. Thank you so much Al!!! We are recommending you to all of our friends.”     Peoria, AZ – April 2015

Cheryl Dillon

“We went on March 31 for my birthday and took my granddaughter for the first time. She loved it! She loved going on the bus so she could feed the giraffe. It was such a great day.”     Mesa, AZ – March 2015

Meg Larkin

“My sister and I came to spend the day with all the wonderful animals and staff. We had such an amazing day. We both had a wonderful experience and spent the entire day there. If we would have had time we would have gone back. The zip line was an added bonus. We loved the safari tour, the Tiger Splash show, and even petting a cobra. If you are in the area, don’t miss this wonderful place. They take such good care of the animals. And after hearing some of the stories about how they animals came to them…well, we owe them a lot for their homing and caring of them. Thanks Out of Africa for everything!”    Rockford, IL – March, 2015

Erin Conaway

“I fell in love with this park when I was younger and it was located near Fountain Hills. I started taking my daughter to the new park when she was just 6 months old. We have continued to visit about every three months and she is just as enthralled these days as she was back then. We both love the safaris and feeding the giraffes, but her favorite experience every time is listening to Dean narrate during Tiger Splash and watching the tigers jump in!”           Fountain Hills, AZ – January 2015

Josh G

“I was hoping to do the VIP Behind-the-Scenes Tour, so my grandparents and family took me to do it. We did everything there was to do. Our tour guide, Meg, was awesome! We got to choose everything we did. We even got dibs on automatically going to Tiger Splash, which was also awesome! We got to feed the tigers and Meg even gave me a tiger whisker. I would deeply recommend doing this, especially with kids.”       Powell, OH – December 2014

Rebecca Ihori

“My family visited Out of Africa on Saturday, October 25th. My daughter and I had visited a long time ago when it was housed near Ft. McDowell. This is an amazing facility and the animals have the most wonderful habitats and people to care for them. It’s so much better than visiting a zoo! We thoroughly enjoyed our day and everyone who works there is extremely knowledgeable. If you have never visited, be sure to add it to your Bucket List!”     Glendale, AZ – October 2014

Chantal Lactaoen

“This was the highlight of my trip to Arizona! It is so wonderful to see how happy, healthy and well-kept these beautiful animals are at the park! You can truly see how much the trainers love the animals they work with. What is even more amazing is that the owners are still so much involved in the daily aspects of the park. If we had a park like this in Honolulu, Hawaii, I’d be the first in line to get a job there as I truly believe in their animal/human interaction and philosophy. I highly recommend you visit them if you are ever in Arizona….You won’t regret it!”      Kaneohe, HI – October 2014

David Schnitzler

“Our day at Out of Africa was nothing short of exemplary. The animals appeared to be in non-stressful environments. I didn’t see neurotic behavior and the animals were active. Thank you for the way you care, the joy you bring, and the smiles left behind.”       Sedona, AZ – October 2014

Linda Skinner

“We enjoyed our visit to Out of Africa so much. We last visited in 1992 at the old Fountain Hills site, when our children were young. We had fun and the kids loved it. But we love this new site even more. It was wonderful to see the animals in such roomy habitats. They all look so healthy and well cared for. Your guides are amazing. “Al” guided us on the train trip. What a wonderful guy! He clearly loves these animals so much and it was a joy to watch him interact with them. All the guides we saw were well informed and very engaged with the animals. We will be back.”      Phoenix, AZ – September 2014

Dustin Tynes

“Had a great time and everyone was super nice. Our safari guide was great! Everyone let us know the great things to do and the guides were fantastic :)  Awesome seeing all of the animals!”        Sahuarita, AZ – September 2014

Liza Bacon

“We visit the park every time we are in Arizona. For the first time we did the VIP tour with Jeff. We had an amazing day and would thoroughly recommend. All the staff are so friendly and clearly have a deep love for the animals they care for. Awesome place!”       Essex, UK – September 2014

Alan Chick

“We first visited you at the old site back in the nineties. We really enjoyed it. Four years ago, when we were in Arizona again, we visited you at your new home in Camp Verde. We had a wonderful time, so much so that we are coming back to Arizona in two weeks. We have already purchased tickets to visit you. Seeing how much you care for the animals is a very uplifting experience and we can’t wait to see you again!”                                                                 Brighton, Sussex, UK – September 2014

Lee Moreno

“We went in August 2014. My girlfriend and I decided to make this a yearly thing. This is better than the San Diego Wildlife Park. It’s up-close to the animals and the view was great. Employees were very customer oriented. They made us feel very glad that we went. For us, it’s only less than 2 hours away from Mesa, AZ. It was cheaper than most things we do. People! You need to go and experience this. You won’t be disappointed.”       Mesa, AZ – August 2014


“We came for my grandmother’s 70th birthday and for most of us, it was our first experience ziplining. Ziplining alone was a blast, but the staff really made our trip worthwhile. From the front desk workers to the actual tour guides and photographer, everyone really blew us away — I wasn’t ready for it all to be over. This was only made possible by how outgoing and on top of it the staff was. AJ especially impressed me; not only was he so meticulous about safety standards, but he was so charismatic that everyone in our group got over their fear of heights.”                     Ahwatukee, AZ – August 2014

Evelyn Harrison

“I went to the Out of Africa Wildlife Park for my birthday this year. I absolutely loved Tiger Splash with Ezekiel! Apparently Ezekiel had been left in the splash pool to play and I found him there late afternoon just swimming around. There was no one else around and I had him all to myself. What a great birthday present! I was able to get this photograph of him during that time. What a wonderful experience!”                    Tucson, AZ – August 2104

Laura Allen

“We are from Boston and visited friends in Chandler in July, who drove us to visit Out of Africa Park. We had a wonderful visit. Even though our family is not totally wild about animals, your animal park won us over. I had to let you know how impressed I was with the staff; they were so friendly and intelligent, well-spoken, and truly passionate about what they do. Unlike a zoo (which I hate), this place truly seemed to have the animal’s best interest at heart. We had a great time during our visit. Our first guide, Jorge, was great…but they were all great! Thanks!”                             Allston, MA – July 2014

Thomas Troy

“Without a fail, this is the best animal sanctuary in the country! The animals live a happy, joyous, and free life doing what nature intended them to do. From the time you arrive you will be treated like a king. Not only does Dean conduct personal tours, he lives on the property. This is his backyard. Every team member on his staff will make your experience one that you will never forget. This place is a true paradise for all of the animals (They know each and every one of their names). If anyone is in the area, you MUST experience this magical paradise.”                                  Goodyear, AZ – July 2014

Robert and Barbara Duran

“We visited the Out of Africa Wildlife Park this last Saturday with two of our grand children. This was the first time for all of us. We so enjoyed the park, the animals, and the staff. We were so impressed by everything. The animals look so healthy and happy! The kids loved Tiger Splash and Critter Court. We will definitely be back again. Thanks again for such a great memorable day!”     Surprise, AZ – April 2014


“My family went the end of March for my daughter’s birthday. We had a FABULOUS time! Everything was very well organized and the shows were amazing. The price for the experience was also wonderful! Would definitely do this again. Thank you for this opportunity. Your work with the animals is SO amazing!”     Phoenix, AZ – March 2014

Stephanie Leigh

“I was just in Arizona for a week and I would definitely say this was the highlight of my trip. I’ve traveled a lot (Europe, Carribean, Mexico, etc.) and my day at Out of Africa was one of the most memorable ever. The habitats are enormous, so the animals are free to roam without feeling trapped. They are well fed and the people there actually care about them…it’s not just a day job for them. We did the VIP tour and it was awesome! I highly recommend it.”     Bloomington, MN – March 2014

Anita King

“I recently visited Out of Africa with my sister and 77-year-old parents. We had a great time. I highly recommend the Unimog Adventure Tour. Our guide was great and we got close enough to the animals to even feed some. We even got a kiss from a giraffe. The whole experience was great. All the animals seem very content and you can tell how much the staff care about them. I’d highly recommend the park. It’s a great adventure for animals lovers of all ages!”       Chalfont, Pennsylvania – March 2014

Nancie Vaughn

“My family and friends were just here Wednesday, 3/12, and wow, what a great day! From Linda, who helped me buy tickets, to Julie, Erin, and Lauren, who were all fantastic when it came to getting my power chair and my son’s walker situated for the tours. Tiger Splash was the show we saw and I got to feed a tiger. We also got the see the tiger cubs that came from Phoenix. All around fun day!”        Peoria, Arizona – March 2014

Lori King

“I give this park about 16 thumbs-up (yes, I know I only have 2 thumbs). You can get close-up to the animals and learn a lot about them. It seems very safe and spacious for the animals. You can tell the staff love these animals. We enjoyed the Creature Feature, Tiger Splash, and the Unimog Adventure tour. We even kissed a giraffe! Transportation helped those who are not very mobile to get around the park. I was sweet to see my 77-year-old mother light up like a child. There were healthy food choices for humans. Be sure to see the Predator Feed. Enjoy it, we did!”            Canton, Michigan – March 2014

Anne Johnson

“We had a blast! Thank you for such a unique experience! We loved it! It’s great to see animals so well cared for. We definitely plan to visit again next year!”         St. Paul, Minnesota – March 2014

Sheresa Galbreath

“We had an amazing time today at Out of Africa. We hadn’t been to the new location yet, and it is so much better! The addition of the train run was wonderful. Al is an amazing tour guide. He is able to get all the animals to come to the fence so you see everything. Al took the time to sit with us for a bit and tell us even more stories about the park and animals. He really is a wonderful part of the crew and made our day. The interactions with the animals, Tiger Splash, and EVERYTHING was better than I had hoped and remembered. Keep up the awesome job guys, we’ll be back!”         Phoenix, AZ – February 2014

Carolyn Milheim

“I am so happy we came to this wonderful park. It was the best experience and the highlight of our entire trip. From the beginning when we met Al (best tour guide ever) to the end of the day, we had a GREAT time! The experience was up-close and personal. We were kissed by a giraffe, fed a tiger, saw the rescued tigers cubs, and witnessed Tiger Splash. We even faced a fear no one else in our family would have; holding a 17-foot boa. We would recommend everyone go and experience this wonderful place. These animals are truly loved and it shows. We would go again!” Fremont, CA – February 2014

Mary Long

“We recently spent a day at Out of Africa and thoroughly enjoyed the experience! We were most impressed with the staff, their friendliness, their knowledge, and their dedication to the park and the animals. LOVED the safari experience! A billboard on the side of the road was the only info we initially had, so we were taking a chance. We also looked at the website, which we found very helpful. We would recommend a trip to Out of Africa if you are in the Arizona area.”      Traverse City, MI – January 2014

Jennifer Weis

“What a wonderful and unique experience! My family, my in-laws, and my SIL’s family visited Out of Africa, and we had the most wonderful time. Out of Africa has many unique animal encounters that cannot be found elsewhere, like the tiger splash, the predator feed, and the ‘giraffe kiss.’ The animals seem well cared-for, and the view is amazing. It is worth the drive from Phoenix!”     Granville, OH – January 2014