Giant Snake Show

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Go beyond the myths, and discover the reality of the Giant Snake. Mysterious and misunderstood, the snake has a long and fascinating history. At Out of Africa Wildlife Park, you’ll discover the incredible world of the giant snake, one that disposes of the Hollywood hype – a world where fear and anxiety are replaced with a new found understanding and appreciation of these remarkable and graceful creatures.

Take advantage of this interactive experience and opportunity to look closely. If you choose to, you can even touch and hold some of the world’s largest species, such as anacondas, pythons, and boas! With the help of a park caretaker, the encounter is safe for all ages. Because our giant snakes are accustomed to being handled by people, you can feel comfortable that your experience will be a positive and friendly one.

Enjoy our enthusiasm for teaching, sharing, and showcasing these intriguing giants, and gain a new respect for the rich diversity of living reptiles. Through education, we promote understanding and appreciation of the eco-rich variety of life that surrounds and sustains them. Brimming with photo opportunities, the Giant Snake Show is one unforgettable experience you’ll want to get wrapped up in.

Showtime: 2:15 p.m. daily. We recommended you arrive at the park 30 minutes before any show. The Giant Snake Show is included with general admission.