Reptile Resort

Take a peek at our reptilian friends on full display at Reptile Resort. Not a show, but a spectacular and diverse reptile collection. Reptile Resort includes exotic snake and lizard species from around the globe.

“Pharaoh” Egyptian-banded Cobra

The Reptile Resort exhibit integrates spacious climate-controlled enclosures, live plants and substrates, and a passionate crew of keepers, all for the purpose of enriching the lives of our scaly friends. This new structure provides a vital establishment for the park’s reptile- and amphibian-focused conservation initiatives.

Each exhibit provides our cold-blooded inhabitants the ability to move freely between outdoor and indoor spaces, so they can navigate their way to a favorite basking spot. The exterior sanctuary, scheduled for completion in spring 2013, will be equally rich and stimulating with vegetation, trees, and water features. Meanwhile, the interior structure is open for your viewing pleasure.

Large glass windows provide you with the perfect vantage point to observe the wonderment of the reptile world. Get even closer through our floor dome, a clear portal at ground level for that eye-to-eye engagement with a reticulated or Burmese python. Whether you are enthralled by the viperids, like a Black Forest cobra or Gaboon viper, or captivated at the magnificent colors and behavior of our four-legged friends, such as a rhinoceros iguana and giant tegu, this is one exhibit not to miss.