Wonders of Wildlife Show

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The Wonders of Wildlife Show is a rare opportunity to see a variety of unique and exotic animals from a very different perspective – playing! As our caretakers interact with these fascinating animals, you’ll see them simply having fun. No coaxing or prodding necessary, just animals content in their element, being themselves.

We often think of animals in basic survival terms, but here you ’ll see that play is as much a part of the animal experience as self-preservation. And you’re part of that experience as you find yourself grinning from ear to ear. It’s contagious!

You’ll be fascinated by the antics of our residents, whether it’s a grizzly or black bear flopping in the pool while playing a game of cat and mouse with caretakers, or spotted hyenas playing tug-of-war. Perhaps it’s a walkabout where you’ll visit and experience a deeper connection with some of our charming animal ambassadors. You’ll quickly discover that along with their playful side comes intelligence and cunning skill.

This is no circus act but an exciting and educational way to learn and discover the wonders of our animal friends as they interact in a variety of playful and entertaining ways. Not only is this show intimate, informative, and packed full of fun; it’s the perfect environment for building lifelong memories with friends and family. It will educate and inspire successive generations about the Wonders of Wildlife.

Showtime: 3:00 p.m. every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at the Tiger Splash Arena. We recommend you arrive at the park 30 minutes before any show.

Good to know: All animal encounters are dependent on animals, behavior, and availability. Most shows are conducted at the Tiger Splash Arena. However, the show will sometimes be an engaging walkabout, featuring predator animals and more. The Wonders of Wildlife Show is included with general admission.