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Farewell to our friend

Posted August 27, 2019 & filed under

How do you describe a true friend? Would it be one that you wish to spend extended amounts of time with, take walks together, laugh, and generally do life together?

Kibo is the friend that we are deeply saddened to have lost yesterday. All of the thousands of people who have visited our park since 1999 knew him, loved him and probably had been kissed by him! He had a level of wit and curiosity that surpassed any other friends with which he shared his space. He always drew you in for the kiss and made you feel like a giant kid again. He touched our hearts and reminded us to be silly and to laugh every day, especially when he would sit down in front of the entry gates.  Saying farewell to this kind of friend does not happen quickly and in fact, has left many breathless and deeply saddened.

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our beloved Kibo, male giraffe, on August 20, 2019. He was euthanized due to complications in recovery from an anesthetic procedure while being surrounded by the park owners and loving keepers.

Kibo was 20 years old. He came to the park in 1999 and lived with Pilgrim until they began their fight for an imaginary female. He lived in the Serengeti area and greeted all those who would give him treats and was never shy about requesting more. He would make the rounds through the habitat and often come over to see the micro pigs when they were being dropped off in the morning to ‘share’ a bit of romaine lettuce. The average age for a captive male giraffe is 14 years, according to the industry professionals. He lived a long life with us at Out of Africa Wildlife Park. As one person said, “He is probably in heaven chasing all of the girls.”