Field Trips

Field Trips

We’re pleased you’re thinking of visiting Out of Africa Wildlife Park with your students or educational youth group. A field trip “Safari” is not just a lot of fun but an outdoor learning laboratory that will complement your class lessons in many ways. Your group will observe wild animals not only from Africa but from around the world, thriving in a loving environment while enjoying their lives in large natural habitats.

The resources on this page are provided to answer common questions. Our goal is to create the best possible experience for you, your chaperons, and your students and provide educational and entertaining experiences that will last a lifetime.

Bush Safari & Wildlife Tour Field Trip

Register By Phone

Call our Group Sales Office at 928.567.2842, ext. 2001
Monday–Friday  9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Whether your gathering is large or small, we would be happy to create the best-suited package for your needs. We welcome your calls and emails should you have questions or requests: [email protected].

School Group Rate Criteria

To qualify for the Out of Africa Wildlife Park school group/youth group discount rate, your group must meet the following criteria:

  • Serve as an organized school, youth group, or educational-centered group.
  • Minimum of 15 paying individuals attending on the same day. (Children ages 3 and above and adults)
  • If a maximum ratio of 1 adult for every 5 students is exceeded, additional fees apply.

Payment Policies

  • The Park accepts school district purchase orders, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and business checks. Cash is accepted in person only—no personal checks.
  • Payments must be received from one source to qualify for group discounts. We request that there be one payment made for the entire group.
  • All field trip groups receive a discounted admission rate. Field trip pricing cannot be combined with any other discounts, including memberships and birthdays.
  • Additional tickets on the day of your visit must be paid by cash or credit cards only; no personal checks are accepted.

Teachers / Chaperones

  • One adult must chaperone students for every five students, or additional fees apply. Additional adult fees are listed under Ticket Prices.

Membership Policies

Students, teachers, chaperones, and their families who are members of the Park may use their valid membership cards to gain admission with their group. The Park reserves the right to charge admission to anyone who misrepresents membership privileges.

Cancellations and Refunds

  • Payments for programs or field trips canceled before your scheduled trip will be forfeited or may be credited toward a trip scheduled within one calendar year of the original order.
  • All tickets are non-refundable.
  • Please call the Group Sales Office at 928.567.2842, ext. 2001 at least 24 hours before your trip to notify us of your change in plans. Date changes are based on availability.
  • Out of Africa Wildlife Park does not guarantee admission to school groups without a reservation. Schools may be turned away if field trip dates are changed without prior approval from the Group Sales Office.

A field trip to Out of Africa Wildlife Park is an entertaining way to bring wildlife into the classroom, making a real difference in how future generations discover, understand, and live with creatures great and small. Education is the gateway to awareness.

We look forward to your visit!

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Bush Safari & Wildlife Tour Field Trip

This adventure begins as your group travels aboard a safari vehicle with an expert tour guide into the majestic Serengeti preserve. There are ample opportunities to feed the exotic, free-roaming animals with provided treats. As giraffe, zebra, sable antelope, eland, watusi, water buffalo, ostrich, and others approach your vehicle; you’ll be able to observe and photograph them up-close in their wonderment and splendor. Guided tram transportation is provided to take you about the preserve for a self-guided walkabout amongst the large predators, small animals, reptiles, birds, and so on.

An Out of Africa Wildlife Park field trip is a great way to teach future generations to live in a world that values all living creatures big and small – a perfect wildlife tapestry for young, developing minds. Here, exotic creatures leap off textbook pages into the living and breathing world of reality and inspiration, leaving a wildlife imprint. The more we learn, the more we appreciate and understand the world’s creatures and the importance of having them in our future. This must-experience field trip awaits your presence!

Your tour also includes all of the daily shows:

Creature Feature
11:30 a.m.
Animals you can pet – subject to change

Tiger Splash™
1:15 p.m.
Tigers show their natural, instinctual behavior as they hunt toys and play and swim with their animal handlers

Giant Snake Show
2:15 p.m.
Learn about giant snakes and safely interact with, if you’re feeling so inclined – subject to change

Predator Feed
(Weds & Fri) 3:00 p.m.
Watch predators devour their dinner as they’re being fed 800 pounds of raw meat.

Wonders of Wildlife
(Monday, Tuesday, Thursday) 3:00 p.m.
Learn about a variety of wild animal as they display their wild and playful behavior

Ticket prices for the Bush Safari and Wildlife Preserve Field Trip:

Students: Kindergarten through 8th grade $9.95 plus tax
Students: 9th grade through 12th grade $18.95 plus tax
Adults: $18.95 plus tax

An optional adventure your students can enjoy:

Feed-a-Tiger $5.00 extra per person 1:45 p.m.

*All tours are by reservation only.

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