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Jericho is one of the most beloved residents at Out of Africa Park, and for good reason. This massive southern white rhinoceros has won the hearts of visitors and staff alike with his gentle demeanor and impressive size.

At over 2,000 pounds, Jericho is one of the largest land animals on the planet. He is covered in thick, gray skin that can reach up to two inches in thickness, protecting him from predators and the harsh African sun. And of course, there’s his iconic horn, which can grow up to five feet in length.

But despite his imposing size and appearance, Jericho is a gentle giant. He loves to be scratched and petted, and has been known to approach visitors at the fence for a closer look. And while he may look tough, he has a soft spot for his caretakers, who he trusts implicitly.

Unfortunately, southern white rhinos like Jericho are facing an uncertain future in the wild. Poaching for their horns has led to a significant decline in their numbers, with fewer than 20,000 left in the wild. That’s why parks like Out of Africa are so important – they provide a safe haven for these magnificent creatures, and help to educate the public about their plight.

So if you’re planning a visit to Out of Africa Park, be sure to stop by and say hello to Jericho. He may just steal your heart like he has for so many others. And remember, by supporting Out of Africa, you’re helping to protect these amazing animals for generations to come.