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It’s Time to Meet the Next Generation

Posted March 6, 2018 & filed under

Out of Africa proudly announces the arrival of three new lion cubs – Kitanga, Jabari, and Ajabu. These latest arrivals born at the park usher in the next generation of predators to our aging family of lions, fulfilling our ongoing mission of oneness with nature. They are the offspring of the male lion Ted and his female pride Kayla and Lady, who came to the park in June 2016.

Baby lions are the essence of cute, even better are three. Because they were all born at the park, they were given Swahili names with specific meaning unique to each of them. The only female of the three, Kitanga, born to mother Kayla means “In the palm of the hand.” The males are the offspring of mother Lady. Jabari means “Fearless that brings comfort,” and Ajabu means “A wonder.”

Neither Lady or Kalya was taught how to raise babies since they were hand-raised themselves. As a last resort, staff brought the cubs to safe accommodations where they were bottle-raised by Prayeri, Nina, and Brittany, each taking turns feeding them day and night. Feeding intervals at first were every two hours. Currently, they feed every four to five hours with a unique lion formula developed by Fox Valley Corp until they will transition to their meat diet.

As the youngsters grow, they will go swimming in the Tiger Splash pool. Perhaps we will try a “Lion Splash” show since some lions in Africa hunt in lakes and rivers. Of course, we’ll let them decide whether they like the water or not.

They will continue to grow over the next three years before reaching full maturity. The future of these three looks bright for the next twenty plus years of their sojourn here at Out of Africa, where oneness of all life is our goal.

Kitanga, Jabari, and Ajabu have already touched the hearts and lives of visitors who have come to see them in their temporary day habitat. You can see them daily behind Reptile Report, and then in their permanent habitat once they grow a bit more. They will affect lives beyond their imagines as more and more patrons fall in love with these precious blessings.