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Previous Workshops

We are thrilled to showcase images from previous photography workshop participants. Click on the images above to enlarge the picture. If you hover your cursor over the right or left edge side of the enlarged picture, you can quickly and more easily scroll through the slideshow by clicking on the arrows. The wildlife photographs featured here may have been cropped for purposes of the website. Nevertheless, we think you’ll agree our previous workshop photographers have graciously shared some real gems for all of us to enjoy.

As more workshops are conducted, more wildlife pictures will be added to the gallery. Perhaps one or more of your pictures may be highlighted here if you choose to participate in an upcoming workshop. Available workshop dates and helpful information can be found on the Photo Workshop page.


I just had the opportunity to photograph the wildlife at Out Of Africa with Kathleen Reeder. We spent an entire day photographing animals up close and personal. Between Kathleen and one of the carnivore trainers, Jeff, I not only learned a tremendous amount about the animals and photography but also the passion they have for the animals at Out of Africa. I encourage you to sign up for the workshop.
-David Brown

Thank you, Kathleen Reeder, for another awesome 2019 workshop at Out of Africa. What an amazing experience to be that close to wild animals and to be able to photograph them in a wide-open area. This was one of the best wildlife workshops I have ever experienced thus far. I want to thank Out of Africa for opening their park to us and allowing us to be up close and personal with the staff and wildlife. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone who’s into wildlife photography. Jeff Harwell was fun and very knowledgable of the animals and their personalities. What a wonderful day and wonderful people at Out of Africa!
-Alana Easton

I had the pleasure of taking Kathleen’s workshop last Saturday, May 4th, 2019. The whole experience from start to finish was more than I could’ve dreamed of, and to have such close access to the animals and watch them engage with Jeff was amazing!
-Lea Anne Thomas

It was such a pleasure to join Kathleen Reeder’s Workshop at OOA on March 3, 2019.  The adventure was fabulous and so well organized.  The OOA guides were informative and interacted beautifully with the gorgeous OOA residents.  The animals were so well cared for and each one had its own special personality.  It was an honor to be a part of OOA if just for one day.
-Diana Miller

Thanks so much for opening your wonderful park for the photographer workshop.  I had such a great time, and Jeff did such a great job.  He made sure everyone got the shots they wanted.  All of your staff were so friendly and helpful.  You have definitely created a great culture among your employees. I can’t say enough about Kathleen Reeder.  She was so informative and helpful.  She made sure every photographer had a good vantage point, learned something, and had a good time.
-Kay Wilson

The Out of Africa Wildlife Park Photography Workshop was a joy from beginning to end! What a great opportunity to get closer to the animals as they played and interacted with their human friends and caretakers. Kathleen Reeder is an excellent teacher and will help with camera settings and other photographic instruction so as to maximize the potential of capturing great shots!
-Leslie McCandless

Just a note to say how much I enjoyed your workshop last weekend at the Out of Africa Wildlife Park. Everyone there went above and beyond to ensure that we had a great photographic experience as well as an informative and entertaining encounter with those magnificent animals. It is easy to see why you decided to dedicate yourself to wildlife photography. Special thanks to Liz, Jeff, Dean, and Prayeri for their unique contributions to this memorable and rewarding experience.
-Greg Miller

The September 2017 class was my second photo workshop with Kathleen Reeder. This workshop was a great learning experience for my photography skills. Kathleen makes herself available to each participant on an equal level.  A full day of enjoyment from first light up to the afternoon tiger splash show were you are given a specially designated area with fence cut-outs so to get your best action shots. The handler Jeff Harwell is a real professional, showing great humor, dedication, and continuous innovation to set up awesome photos We are hoping to book again for our third workshop in 2018.
-Del Brown

“This workshop is easily one of the best that you can attend if you are interested in wildlife photography. There are not many opportunities to be able to go right up to the fence to capture the beauty of these animals. If you have the opportunity to take the workshop, it is a definite must; you won’t regret it!”
-Taylor Albright

“The Out of Africa Wildlife Park is an exceptional experience. I feel truly blessed to have had the chance to attend Kathleen Reeder’s workshop. Dean and Prayer, along with the staff, have created a true refuge for the animals that are lucky enough to live there. Never have I seen animals in a wildlife park or private zoo that are as happy, well cared for, and so obviously adoring of their caretakers than at Out of Africa. Jeff Harwell is such a fun, and informative guide and truly cares for all of the animals. Not only did I have the chance to learn new photography skills, and practice some of the old ones, I was fortunate enough to have an experience that I will treasure. Thank you to Kathleen, Jeff, Dean, Prayeri, and Out of Africa for the chance to attend this unique workshop.”
-Valeri Cozart

“I want to thank Kathleen Reeder for a very exciting introduction to Out of Africa wildlife park! I have never been to the park before this workshop and now I can’t imagine going back without being on one of Kathleen’s photography workshops. Everyone was professional and patient during the workshop which made the entire day enjoyable for everyone in attendance. Having a dedicated guide to assist and educate during the workshop was a huge bonus! I am excited to share my experience with all my friends and family! Thank you for sharing your beautiful animals with me.”
-Susan Snyder

“This workshop was the best photo experience I have had. The information I gained enabled me to take my photography to the next level. Kathleen was very knowledgeable and thorough. Jeff Harwell was fantastic, fun and informed. The animals were amazing. I highly recommend this experience to all.”
-Bill Peaslee

“The Out of Africa Photography Workshop, by Kathleen Reeder, was an exceptional and wonderful experience. This is the ideal workshop for people like me who combine our love for animals and nature with the passion about photography. Being so close to all of these amazing animals, interacting with the zookeepers, and taking awesome pictures is the perfect description of a great weekend.”
-Sergio Chan

“The photography workshop with Kathleen Reeder was the most awe-inspiring and life-changing experience for me. Thanks to Kathleen and your park I will never be able to look at animals in the same way again. In the animals I experienced a grace and unforgettable beauty. I will be back often!”
-Teresa Wilson

“I wanted to thank you for making the workshop an incredible experience for me. I am so glad you and Kathleen Reeder are teamed up to make a life-changing day for photographers. Start to finish it was organized, action-packed, friendly, and welcoming. Thank you!”
-Elizabeth O’Brian Juhl

“The Out of Africa workshop was more amazing than I could ever express. There’s no comparison to working with a team of people who know the inner working’s of animals and how to capture that essence. Dean and Prayeri’s personal relationship with the animals at the park and Kathleen’s knowledge of photographing wildlife makes every moment of this workshop magical, fun, and informative. To be able to capture images of animals that you know are well taken care of and loved makes the images all the more captivating and special.”
-Lizzy Simkins

“I had a really good time. Out of Africa was great and the staff was very friendly. Working with Kathleen Reader was awesome! She was very informative and helpful. I will definitely do it again.”
-Daryl Nickelson

“I want to say thank you for a most magical experience! Everything about the day was very special because of how happy and content the animals are, as well as how helpful and kind everyone was. I learned so much in the photo workshop and I look forward to doing it again very soon. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to up their game in wildlife photography. This is the place! It was a true adventure. Thank you again for a most memorable day.”
-Cheryl Netico

“It was such an honor and so much fun learning about all the animals from Dean and Prayeri. Photographing them in the early morning light was breathtaking!”
-Jackie Klieger

“The closest thing to being on safari without traveling half way around the world. An intimate encounter with the animals and workshop you will remember!”
-Larry Pollock

“One of the best photography experiences I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to do it again!”
-Eric Frame

“This photograph workshop was a wonderful experience that taught me how to photograph beautiful wildlife. Kathleen is very knowledgeable and she will guide you and teach you skills that you will never forget. For me the workshop was exciting and fun and I will to do again.”
-Laura Flannigan

“The combination of an amazing park and animals with a professional photographer was the perfect mix to capture photos and memories of the day”
-Caryn Gyarmati

“I had the pleasure of attending Kathleen Reeder’s photography workshop at Out of Africa Wildlife Park, which included access and photographic opportunities you don’t easily get anywhere else – especially at the crack of dawn. Kathleen took the time to review our shots and offered suggestions and tips which everyone found value in, including myself. Perhaps most amazing was the chorus of lion roars and hyena barks. I’ve heard the roar and barking before, but this time it was different. It was pure and raw. Over the years I’ve spent quite a bit of time at the park with camera in hand, but this was truly a great day!”
-Steve Hinczynski

“Attending Kathleen’s workshop can only described as a “wonderful experience!” Kathleen’s knowledge and skill, Dean and Prayeri’s participation, and, of course, all the animals and the wonderful park contributed to making it unforgettable. To be able to shoot Tiger Splash™ with our workshop group through the photographer holes in the fence was the total icing with a cherry on top (or a piece of raw chicken for the animals).”
-Bob Gassick

“Kathleen Reeder’s Out of Africa Wildlife Park photography workshop was a fantastic experience for me in at least two dimensions. First, Kathleen provided clear, concise, and informative ideas and direction for composition and camera settings during the changing light and location situations from dawn to afternoon. Second, the intimate knowledge and deep relationships that Dean and Prayeri have with the animals and their habitats gave me a renewed sense of appreciation for the connections we have with other species…”
-Lance Wilson

“The Out of Africa Photography Workshop, by Kathleen Reeder, was an amazing experience. I learned tons about photographing wildlife. It was inspiring to get up close with wild animals while seeing how much they are loved and cared for. You won’t regret it!”
-Erinn Wiley