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Meet the Photographer

Kathleen Reeder

“I have always had a camera in my hands, taking photographs of family, friends, vacation, any opportunity to capture the moment. My big “aha moment” was in 2009, while in Grand Tetons National Park in Wyoming. Watching the wildlife in the park sparked an obsession for wildlife photography that has been accelerating me ever since. I LOVE observing wildlife behavior, understanding their natural tendencies within their family units, and capturing their beauty and soul in a photograph.”

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Have you ever wanted to master the art of wildlife photography? If you’re a shutterbug with a passion for exotic animals, you’ll definitely want to check our Event Calendar for upcoming photography classes with the esteemed Kathleen Reeder right here at Out of Africa Wildlife Park. Learn the secrets of great wildlife photography in a controlled environment with practical, hands-on training. Classes are limited in size, and they sell out quickly. Click on the Wildlife Photography Workshop page to learn more.

Kathleen Reeder is an internationally published, wildlife photographer extraordinaire. Her works reflect her personality: passionate, energetic, adventurous and focused. She is a highly accomplished professional with an eager desire to share her knowledge with photographers of all skill sets. Her marvelous work has occupied space in magazines, internet sites and other publications including National Geographic, Arizona Highways magazine, Arizona Highways Photo Workshops, HELLO! magazine, The Daily Telegraph News and Mail Online World News.

Kathleen visits Out of Africa Wildlife Park often to photograph the beauty of the park’s wildlife. Using her expert photographic techniques, she captures the expression, emotional impact, and spiritual essence of the exotic animals. Whether you’re an amateur or professional photographer, the park offers the opportunity to take extraordinary wildlife photos. There are easily learned techniques to improve your shots, for instance, making the fence disappear in your photo. Because of the unique features of the park, such as the numerous platforms from which to safely photograph the big cats and other large mammals over the fence line, Out of Africa Wildlife Park is the perfect place to take stunning pictures.

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Kathleen resides in Arizona and travels throughout North America to photograph the wild spirit that still survives. A sensitive eye and an intimate relationship with her subjects are signatures of her work. She also has a special love for and expertise in hummingbird photography, which she nurtures year round in her backyard garden. You can view and purchase all of her amazing photographs on her website at www.KathleenReeder.com.